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Hey guys. This section will now hold your advertisements so we can keep organized.

We appreciate you advertising our game Smile Continue doing well.

Also, here is something about your advertisements :
  • They will be criticized (not mean).
  • If there are any flaws, you have to be open to suggestions. Some people are experienced with advertising our game and they can help you.
  • Don't be blind.
  • Cup Holders Are Key To Success!
  • Advertisements are like a persuasive essay Tongue Persuade people to come play our game.
  • Ignore those that rage our game. They are minors. Do not get into conflict with them.
  • In all advertisements, you have to include screenshots of game play, our public links such as facebook, twitter, etc., Youtube videos, tell them all our features. Make sure you explain forum as well. Tell them the staff team (Rock Gyo, SparrowHawk, Orboknown, Guider, Lucius and Henrie) also including what areas they moderate in mostly. Explain gameplay to it's fullest, explain all the features, etc.

Forum rules apply at all times. This section will be moderated by : Deidara, Orboknown, and Guider456.

(i hate you for forgetting me)
Remember, if someone rages at you (a random troll, not a forum mod) in that forum, call Monster MMORPG's Rager - Deidara Smile Ty.
~Darnit Owl. Dodgy

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