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Incoming tournament system planning and brainstorm
this is written for PokemonPets but it will be same for MonsterMMORPG as well

The layout of live tournaments - brainstorm

Note: Normally at every game update time, all ongoing battles are removed. It will be made like this: only 24 hours passed since battle start date battles will get deleted. Thus, tournaments will not get affected 

Official live tournaments will be saturday and sunday

There will be 4 tournaments based on different time zones

a) USA time zone - 1 AM game time , 20 PM local time (Saturday 1 AM, Sunday 1 AM)
b) Other time zone - 8 AM game time (Saturday 8 AM, Sunday 8 AM)
c) India time zone - 15 PM game time , 20 PM local time (Saturday 15 PM, Sunday 15 PM)
d) Germany time zone - 22 PM game time , 20 PM local time (Saturday 22 PM, Sunday 22 PM)

A player will be able to enter every tournaments in a day

A player can join with maximum 1 of his/her account. Using multi accounts are ban reason. Also from 1 IP only 1 account will be allowed to register tournament battles

A Pokemon will be available to use only 1 tournament each day. So if you use your Pokemon then trade it, the other player will not able to use it in that day's Tournament

Tournament registrations will start 1 hour before starting time and you will be able to register the tournament until 10 minute left

Once the last 10 minutes left, you wont be able to change your team or remove your registrations

When registering tournament, it will register your current bag team

Once the tournament starts, you wont be able to change or modify your team

After the tournament registration, if you change any of your registered Pokemon, it will be removed from your team

For example evolving or de-evolving your Pokemon, trading your Pokemon, releasing it into the wilderness

If no Pokemon lefts in your registered team due to above issues, you will be automatically counted as lost the battle

Tournament flow will be like below

Once the registrations end, every registered player will be randomly matched to someone else randomly

For example lets say 7 players registered to the tournament as Player 1 to Player 7

First round will be as below

Player 1 vs Player 3 : Winner Player 3
Player 2 vs Player 6 : Winner Player 2
Player 5 vs Player 4 : Winner Player 5
Player 7 - automatically counted as winner

Second round

Player 3 vs Player 5 : Winner Player 3
Player 2 vs Player 7 : Winner Player 7

Final round 

Player 3 vs Player 7 : Winner Player 3

There will be also a match between Player 5 and Player 2 for to be ranked as 3

Player 5 vs Player 2 : Winner Player 2

Rank 1 : Player 3
Rank 2 : Player 7
Rank 3 : Player 2

So it will be always 1 match : winner moves up and loser get eliminated

For every match you win, you will get 1 tournament point (unless your enemy is automatically counted as a loser)

Once the tournament ends, number 3 ranked player will get extra 3 points, number 2 ranked player will get 5 extra points and number 1 will get extra 10 tournament points

Also every player will get money reward like this = 200,000 * Number of Collected Tournament points + 200,000 * (1.3 ^ Number of Collected Tournament points)

Player 1 gets 0 gold
Player 2 gets (1+3) * 200,000 + 1.3^4 * 200,000 = 800,000 + 2.85 * 200,000 = 800,000 + 570,000 = 1,370,000 gold
Player 3 gets (3+10) * 200,000 + 1.3^13 * 200,000 = 2,600,000 + 30.28 * 200,000 = 2,600,000 + 6,056,000 = 8,656,000 gold
Player 4 gets 0 gold
Player 5 gets 1 * 200,000 + 1.3^1 * 200,000 = 460,000 gold
Player 6 gets 0 gold
Player 7 gets (1+5) * 200,000 + 1.3^6 * 200,000 = 1,200,000 + 4.82 * 200,000 = 1,200,000 + 964,000 = 2,164,000 gold

Also the number 1 player will get 3 shiny eggs, number 2 player will get 3 legendary eggs, number 3 player will get 3 ultra rare eggs and the rest of the players will get 3 rare egg as rewards

The match starting times will be like below

Lets say tournamen starting date is 8 AM so the registrations will be closed at 7:50 AM

At the 8 AM you will be automatically entered live PvP tournament match

If you are in a NPC or wild Pokemon battle, those battles will be deleted and your live PvP match will start

However, if you are in any other match such as live PvP or ELO league battle etc, your tournament match will still start but it will be computer controlled

Even if your current match ends, you still won't be able to do live match. So make sure that you are not in any battle before the tournament matches starting time

The tournament battles will be limited to 30 minutes

If in 30 minutes the battle does not end, 1 of the player will be randomly chosen as a winner

So at 8:30 AM, all matches will be ended and the next round versues will be decided

There will be resting time between 8:30 AM and 8:40 AM

At 8:40 AM, round 2 will start

At 9:10 AM, the round 2 will be ended and at 9:20 AM, round 3 will start

At 9:50 AM, the round 3 will be ended and at 10:00 AM, round 4 will start

This will continue until the final round starts

At the same time of final round, there will be also match between number loser of the 1 before round of final round players to determine number 3 player


At saturday official tournaments there will be no class restriction

At sunday official tournaments, the allowed classes will be one of the below ones randomly chosen

{Common}, {Uncommon}, {Rare}, {Ultra Rare}, {Starter | Legendary}
{Shiny Common | Shiny Uncommon | Shiny Rare | Shiny Ultra Rare | Shiny Starter | Shiny Legendary}
{Mega Common | Mega Uncommon | Mega Rare | Mega Ultra Rare | Mega Starter}
{Mega Legendary}
{Shiny Mega Common | Shiny Mega Uncommon | Shiny Mega Rare | Shiny Mega Ultra Rare | Shiny Mega Starter}
{Shiny Mega Legendary}

So total 10 different groups

You will be able to use any of the allowed filter class Pokemon however only 1 Id of a Pokemon will be allowed

So you won't be able to use same Pokemon Id twice in your Pokemon team

Player composed tournaments

Any player will be able to start their own tournament

To compose your own tournament, you will be need to distribute at least 5 million gold reward yourself

The amount of gold reward you have determined for the tournament will be immediately deducted from your account as soon as you compose the tournament

Collecting gold from participating players are strictly against rules and will get you get banned. So you have to put your own gold yourself alone

The player determined money will be distributed like below

Number 1 player of the tournament gets 50%, number 2 gets 30% and number 3 gets 20% of the tournament reward gold

The player will be able to select composition any filter class Pokemon as a filter

For example players can make a tournament where only Common and Shiny Mega Rare class Pokemon allowed

Players will be able to ban any player from joining that tournament. The ban will be only for that specific tournament

Players will be able to set start date of the tournament (at least 1 hours later than the composition time and maximum 24 hours later than the composition time)

Registrations to the tournament will start immediately until 10 minutes lef to the start date

Players will be able to set maximum match duration time among 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 minutes (30 minutes in official tournaments)

Players will be able to set rest time between matches among 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 minutes (10 minutes in official tournaments)

Players will be able to set maximum tournament size among 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 and unlimited players (default unlimited in official tournaments)

Players will be able to allow only account bound Pokemon to be used or not as an allowed team filter

Players will be able to set minimum or maximum allowed Pokemon level as an allowed team filter

If Pokemon Id or level (only if maximum level filter is applied) of registered Pokemon changes, those will be removed from your team like in official tournaments. If your team get 0 Pokemon, you will be automatically counted as defeated 

The rest of the user composed tournaments flow is same as official tournaments 

All tournament ranking results and gained rewards will be sent as a private message to the user

All tournaments battle results and rankings history will be kept
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When u done?
Monster King(AKA ZaydenM142)
(2019-06-02, 12:40 AM)Monster King Wrote: When u done?

we are still working on it
ok^^Lemme know when finished^^Im not a patient person.
Monster King(AKA ZaydenM142)

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