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Icons added to the forum
If you have suggestions to replace particular ones you can post new icons here

Also if you have new forum section suggestions please post here too
This may seem redundant, but new people always have the same question(s)..."How do I play this game?"  There are also issues about chat decorum.

Now, before people go off about how new people should read their 'unread messages' or search the forum...let me just say that, YES, it is a given that they SHOULD do this!  However, we do have a wide range of ages of those who enjoy this game, and what seems obvious to some just is not obvious to others. 

What about setting up a forum 'New Players Help Section'...or something along those lines.  I know we have a 'Monstermmorpg' forum and a 'Game Mechanics' forum, but a forum that just addresses things for new players would stand out on its own.  Sub-forums could be: 'Game Tutorial Video' (which would include the video link as well as give new players a place to provide feedback as to what was and was not helpful about the tutorial), 'Beginner's Guides' (providing a place for links to the various guides players have developed for the game), 'Chat Rules' (providing the link to the chat rules as well as a place for feedback for improvement)...and anything else that generally only applies to those just beginning the game. (*Let me just add that I know that all of the above information is available already, but it is scattered throughout different forums and sub-forums.)

Maybe after registering, something could pop-up telling players to be sure to click the 'Forum' tab for game tips, hints, and a chance to fully enjoy the close gaming community!

I know this can be improved upon...but I thought I would throw it out there for consideration at any rate....
[Image: 2vru43d.jpg]
char has a good point here and i love the now we have icons too lol Big Grin
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
For the sake of originality, we should remove icons of copyrighted characters as quickly as possible.

Here are some pictures that could replace some of the sprites:

Fanfiction:[Image: gg66126675.jpg], instead of Lugia
Pokémon Discussions:[Image: Pokeball.PNG], instead of Steelix

Off-Topic General Chat:[Image: Chat_bubble.png], instead of Magcargo

Staff Members Discussion Board:[Image: medal_gold.png], instead of Ho-oh

Move List:[Image: explosion.gif], instead of Gyarados

Screenshots:[Image: camera-clip-art-15.png], instead of Venusaur

Tournaments/Competitions:[Image: 1298268524507354096Trophy.svg.hi.png], instead of Arcanine

Lag:[Image: apple-spinning-wheel.jpg], instead of Slowbro

Clans/Guilds/Teamwork:[Image: 568.png], instead of Machamp

Trainer Tips:[Image: protip-red.png], instead of Hitmonlee

The icons for Rules, Forum Suggestions, Introductions and Farewells, PVP Matches, Trainer Points or Unique Values, Abilities, and Only Registered Members need to be changed as well, but I have not yet found suitable replacements yet. I might have to make some.

Also, the icons for tracking new posts need to be edited, as they sport a silhouette of Pikachu. My suggestion is to change the Pikachu buttons to Monster Box icons.

Ultimate Box = Forum Contains New Posts
Monster Box = Forum Contains No New Posts
Night Box = Forum is Locked
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Nice pics!

The only one i disagree with is pokemon discussions as it looks exactly like a pokeball. Easily solved with monster box pic Smile
The abovementioned icons (Or simply MONSTER-images instead of pokemon-ones) should be implemented as soon as possible. We donßt want to tell new users: "Hey, look, we built this awesome pokemon-clone ... come play"
I am no developper / programmer nor an artist / photoshopper

What I do have in turn is 15 years of experience with more or less any browser/client/pokemon - game that exists. I also do not speak english as my native language, however I think it is acceptable.

If anyone feels that he could use my help with anything, be it text, grammar, simple systems in games, new player experience or long term motivation concerning anything about this game, I will be willing to help him / her!

At first, let's revive this forum!
I thought I would throw it out there for consideration at any rate.
Hi! guys
Nice pics!

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