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Hunting/Catching Guideline for new Players
Hunting :

Step 1 :

Preparations :

Before going on a hunt you should stock up on several things :
[Image: halfrevive.png]Half Revive [Image: perfectrevive.png]Perfect Revive [Image: ultimaterevive.png]Ultimate Revive
best would be Ultimate Revives, but any will do.
[Image: minorarcanum.png]Minor Arcanum [Image: greatarcanum.png]Great Arcanum [Image: widearcanum.png]Wide Arcanum [Image: ultimatearcanum.png]Ultimate Arcanum
 best would be Ultimate Arcanums, but any will do.
[Image: minorpotion.png]Minor Potion [Image: regularpotion.png]Regular Potion [Image: healingpotion.png]Healing Potion
[Image: megapotion.png]Mega Potion [Image: tastypotion.png]Tasty Potion [Image: ultrapotion.png]Ultra Potion

[Image: perfectpotion.png]Perfect Potion [Image: ultimatepotion.png]Ultimate Potion

best would be Ultimate Potions, but any will do.
4.Attractive Player,  will make it just so much easier.
5.AI2 Hyper Surf, [Image: Water.png] will be needed for some monsters.
And AI1 Fly, [Image: Flying.png] will be needed to hunt monsters in zone 15.
6.The Nets 
[Image: regularnet.png]Regular Net [Image: qualitynet.png]Quality Net [Image: perfectnet.png]Perfect Net
some Monsters even require you to fish for them.
[Image: accuracyserum.png]Accuracy Serum [Image: attackserum.png]Attack Serum [Image: criticalserum.png]Critical Serum
[Image: defenseserum.png]Defense Serum [Image: evasionserum.png]Evasion Serum [Image: spattackserum.png]Sp.Atk Serum

[Image: spdefenseserum.png]Sp.Def Serum [Image: speedserum.png]Speed Serum

if your monster doesn't know any Stat boosting moves.
[Image: burningpill.png]Burnin Pill [Image: confusionpill.png]Confusion Pill [Image: frostpill.png]Frost Pill 
[Image: paralyzepill.png]Paralyze Pill [Image: poisonpill.png]Poison Pill [Image: sleepingpill.png]Sleeping Pill 

[Image: statuspill.png]Status Pill

to cure Status Effects on your own monsters, for the case you didn't purchase the Ultimate Potions.
9.Ultimate Boxes [Image: ultimatebox.png]for Zenith+, not necessary but i'll explain that in the Catching section.

The Supplies will be needed because you'll run into forced battles while hunting.

It all depends on what you're hunting.
Which leads us to our next step.

I highly advise you, to level your monsters.Bear in min, that Zenith, Legendary and Ancient are tough, so you should at least have some monster on the same level or on a highler level than the monster you're hunting.With Legendaries and Ancients you definetely should make sure that your monsters are on higher levels and best would be all of them.

Step 2 :

Prey & Location :

There are basically 4 different classes of monsters you're going to hunt during your adventure.
1.Everything below Zenith, you're mostly going to hunt for those for good Abilities and Natures.
2.Zenith, they have a 0.32% Chance to appear with every step.
3.Legendary, these have a 0.08% Chance to appear with every step.
4.Ancient , they have a 0.01% Chance to appear with every step, that means a 1 in 10.000 chance to encounter it per step.

On top of that there are 5 Surfaces you can encounter these.
[Image: 2r5gorp.png] [Image: 29wqoi0.png]

probably the best area to hunt for monsters, with Attractive Player you will encounter a monster per step, which will make it a bit easier and less of a pain.
[Image: 1pxu2s.png] [Image: 2aqpmc.png]

in caves and on water the Attractive Player won't come into effect, which means you are not guaranteed to encounter a monster per step.
[Image: 2dvmwxj.png] [Image: vhytls.png]

same as with the caves, additionally water areas can either be surfed on, or being fished.
[Image: vo0mly.png] [Image: do01lw.png]

only found in Zone 15 basically the same as Water and Caves.

On every surface that is not grass, i'd advise you to use the Arrows on the right side of the screen to move.For walking with "WASD" or the arrow keys, won't work that fast, because you're not guaranteed to encounter a monster per step.
So set the steps to 9 and use the Arrows on the right side to move.
Like this :
[Image: f0x4wi.png] =>[Image: e6db4n.png]

If you're having to fish for your prey of choice, all you have to do is get on the edge of the water and use the item Perfect Net.

Step 4 :

Finding the best spot :

To see on what level the monster is or if there's a monster, you can check the map via the Map-Icon [Image: map.png]in the bottom left corner of the game screen.
To see where your wanted prey is, check it's Dex entry and furthermore, click on "display more" to check the best map for it.
[Image: autf2r.png]

You may think about going for the locations in which the monster you're searching for is on the highest level.However that isn't necessarily the best choice.Best would be to get on a Map on which there are monsters of a rarity below.
Example :
You're going for an Ancient, then look for a map on which there are also legendaries.
[Image: 14j5caa.png]

On top of that, if you're looking for a specific monster, make sure that it's the only one of it's class on the map.
[Image: mh6rb.png]

Because the percentage means :
X% that you'll ecnounter this monster per step.
means if there are more of the same class the % will get shared and therefore it's harder to find THE ONE you want.
The overall chance to encounter a monster of that class however stays the same.
Rate with one Legendary :
[Image: 2s85lps.png]
Rate with 2 Legendaries :
[Image: 2evzqbo.png]

This way you won't stay empty handed and maybe even got a little motivational boost after searching for awhile without finding anything.

Additionally, you can check the Event chatif there are Legendary / Ancient events.
an Event monster will get added to one map for an hour. 
Event-Ancients are 0.03% chance, so three times higher !

[Image: 2rftqus.png]

It's There are POP-UPs preventing you from accidentally running from a Monster, means you can safely use the hotkeys ("w" "a" "s" "d" and "R") to spam hunt.
Just walk and press "R" the moment a monster pop ups.

Furthermore, the Monster layout is Colored now, making it easier to verify the class:
Regular = White
Superior = Green
Emissary = Blue
Zenith = Purple
Legendary = Red
Ancient = Orange

Catching :

Step 1 :

Preperations :

To do well you need :
1.A high level monster team.
2.Monster with moves that will not drop HP below 1.
3.And best would be decent Wall's with Radiation.

How high your monster team should be and how decent they should be, depends on the monster class you're hunting for.

Step 2 :

The Fight :

First of, keep in mind, that Legendaries and Ancient have boosted Stats in the wilderness, Ancient will have around 1k in each stat for example.
So don't loose hope if the ancient keeps one-shotting you and stuff, keep reviving and do your best.
You'll do best to lower the monster's stat's with move.
Or boost up your own.
You can also let the Radiation or Status Effects do the work for you.
But bear in mind, that if you use a 1HP move, the monster shouldn't have a Status Effect on it ,for it'll eventually leads to it's death.However if it has Expert Regenerator, you'll need a Status Effect move to get it below it's 15% along with the 1HP drop move.
Moves like Bane Claw, Berserk, Vermins Slither can help aswell, for they have a % of Max. HP is added to the damage effect.
However if you don't have a super duper awesome team i highly advise you to still use Ultimate Boxes on Legendaries and especially on Ancients.
Watch out for Recoil moves ! There are some monsterwith recoil moves, these can and eventually will end in the monster killing itself, there are 3 ways dealing with those :
1)Risk it. Simply figth them like normally and take the risk of it killin itself.
2)Status Effects. Put it to sleep or freeze it. It's the better way to fight them, reduces or even neutralizing the risk of it to die by its own move. That however will not work, if the monster has Perfect Body, Sleep Immunits or Freeze Immunity.
3)Stat Reduction. Reduce it's accuracy stat, the moster won't take recoil damage from a move that missed.
Combine the last 2 methods for best results.

Step 3

The "Catch" :

For that you have to keep following in mind,
to catch a monster you need to drop it's HP below or to a set percentage :
Regular : 100%
Superior : 90%
Emissary : 80
Zenith : 75%
Starter : 75%
Legendary : 70%
Ancient : 60%

If you manage to get the "prey" to 1HP you can simply throw a regular Monster Box to catch it, this way you'll save plenty of money.
If you don't want to do it with the 1HP method, get it down to the percentage and throw an Ultimate Box.

A List of all monsters and moves that will not drop the enemy HP below 1 -> 1 HP move list
If you know the Move name, you can look it up on the dex, to see the monsters able to learn it.

The Counter :

This is a little explanation of the "Counter"

First off : the Counter wasn't implemented to make hunting easier, it is a counter measurement.
1.It won't leave you empty handed when you run from an Ancient or whatever.
2.It's meant to somewhat counter the so called "draughts"
those are parts of your hunting, in which you won't find anything for a really long time.

How does it work ?

Well it actually is pretty simple.
For each 3 encounters, you get 1 on the Counter.
Means with all 3 monsters you find, you will raise the number on the counter by 1. It doesn't matter whether you fight those, or if you run from them.

What does it do ?

Well, for each hit Counter you will get an 100% base increase of the encounter chance.
325counters for Zeniths
1250counters for Legendaries
10000counters for Ancient
note the 3:1 rule
means the actual ENCOUNTERS you need to do, to get the bonus on the counter are :
975encounters for Zenit
3750encounters for Legendaries
30000encounters for Ancients

It will provide a 100% base increase for one of these 3 Classes.
for example 
if your counter is 10.000 which would be x1 for ancients
the chance of finding one will be increased by 100% of the base chance which would be 0.01% ( 1 / 10.000)
so with a 1x counter, you would have a 0.02%chance of finding one 
on a 2x counter you would have a 0.03% chance
IF there are several Monsters of the same class on the map, only one will get boosted, not both.
Means on a map with only one Zenith the chance would increase to 0.64% because 0.32+0.32=0.64
On a map with 2 Zenith, where only one will get the boost, it will be a 0.48% overall chance
because 0.16+0.16 +0.16(base increase of the counter)0 0.48
which leaves the boosted zenith with a higher chance to appear than the not boosted one.
that means, if you're aiming for a higher chance of getting a zenith, it now makes even more sense to go to a map with only one Zenith.

How long does it stay ?

The counter will only reset, once you enter battle with one of the 3 classes

Of course the counter will only reset upon entering the battle with the respective class, 
Entering a battle with an Ancient won't reset the other 2 for example.
Note : it does not matter whether you win or loose, as soon as you enter the battle, the counter will reset.
So make sure you have a team that can handle the battle to not waste your chance Tongue

For the official explanation and thread check out this link 
-> Official Thread
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
What are the moves that will decrease the monster to 1% of HP and not to 0??
Include that into your guide.

Btw, Bane Claw murders monsters. Hehe~ #TeamVladepes
for monsters with recoil moves, try to make them sleep, or bring a monster that is immune to the type of that move, for the expert regenerator digipokefakemonsterpetsummons you need to inflict the bleeding status if you want to use a normal monsterbox, for the ones that recover hp with moves, make them sleep, but if they have the perfect body ability it will need a better box, needing some examples of monsters with moves that will not drop hp lower than 1 and maybe that also have moves that make them sleep
(2014-10-29, 04:20 AM) Wrote: :shy:
My first ancient
[Image: daa154e0-1b59-4c7d-ae84-372078000ab3.png]
Al haber gatos no hay ratones
Original Post overworked.
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
thanks for great thread
can someone tell me how to use pills, for example, i have critical pill, doeas the pill permanently incrise the crit of a monster, or does the incrise dissapear after the the next battle, can i use the pill outside battle so that i dont use my fighting turn...
(2015-02-08, 09:54 AM)Mutimir Wrote: can someone tell me how to use pills, for example, i have critical pill, doeas the pill permanently incrise the crit of a monster, or does the incrise dissapear after the the next battle, can i use the pill outside battle so that i dont use my fighting turn...

pills increase the specific stat by +1 during the battle, no matter if you switch the monster out or not.
Serums are more efficient increasing the stat by +2
they don't increase the stats outside of battle, and aren't useable outside of battle either.
And yes the effect wears off after the battle.

Mor other stuff check out the tp training guide
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
Counter explanation added.
Screenshots will follow shortly Smile
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
great thanks
nice job :o
pm me in game to get an ancient reward for your contributions
Updated with Pop-Ups and Event
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
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(2017-02-19, 06:57 PM)Galliant Wrote:

Thank you Smile

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