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I see a lot of beginners asking what monsters are good for pvp, or what makes a monster good for pvp, or how do they create a pvp monster.

Well here's your answer

When you find a monster you think will be good for pvp, check its base stats 
use this page for checking its basestats (this is a random monster chosen for the link)

its base stats are in the top right of the page.

after you check its base stats, go to this page

and look for the nature that boosts the best base stats on a monster.

after you find a monster with the nature you want, youll want to look at its abilities, the abilities page is here

you must also take a look at a monsters movepool, 

if a monster has stats to be wall, and it has status moves like burn,poison,bleeding ,and some healing moves, its probably fit for a wall


Search for a mon accordint to base stats. 

Did you find a nature you like but you don't like its abilities?

Answer: Find another one with better abilities and buy an Nature Change from someone.


okay i found and caught a Albinus

Its best base stats are: hp, defense, spdef, an speed.

so go to

i've decided to make it a wall

i found the nature profound

next go here

and good abilities for it are: Camoflage,pefect body, expert regenerator,slow tough, etc.

so now try and catch one with the good abilitie(s)

you can alway nature change it to your selected nature, or keep hunting! prices arent very cheap unless you donate yourself.

will be updated as game progresses
hope this helps!!! Big Grin
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Good idea cope
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nice thing u did here cope Smile
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bump! Big Grin
Viva La B.P.C! Many Enter, few Leave!

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Maybe post the link to how to donate under your last part.
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thought i'd give this a little push... called a bump
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cope that is great but moust mons dont hawe good move pool for its base stats so thay just nead to chek move pool before go to natura hunt
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Viva La B.P.C! Many Enter, few Leave!

[Image: rainbowsig_zpsb55967d0.jpeg]
nice thing u did here cope

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Just found this beast. Not sure how to capture please help...

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