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[Image: ClAJ3Ku.png]
This guide answers most of the commonly asked questions about the game. If you're generally new to the game, please check out the official "How To Play" tutorial. If you have questions that remain unanswered after reading the tutorial or this guide, please ask them! Hope this helps.
Guide Version: 2.7.2

Bold Color Codes:
Black - questions, topics
Red - key answers (immediate answers without reading too much)
Lavender - links
Green - recommendations, tips (you don't necessarily need to follow them)

How to get out of Starfall Town/move to new maps?

To get out of Starfall Town, keep walking to your right. To move to new maps, follow the X's in front of you.

[Image: 9c883933502a4949b4bd1b0db97151d9.png]

How to get to the first arena/get my first badge?

The first arena is located at Route #22, Progress City. In order to get there, you just... walk. Afterwards, every arena is located at a map that ends with "City", with the exception of the last arena, which is located at the Grand Monster Capital.

How to travel quickly? I'm tired of walking.

First, get yourself a Flying or Dragon monster. Then, go to the shop and purchase AI1-Fly. Go to Profile >> My Items - Use Items and search up AI1-Fly. Press Use and teach it to that Flying or Dragon monster in your team. Afterwards, whenever you want to get to a new map, press the monster you taught Fly and then press "Use Fly Move".

[Image: d415ddd7002c4e0e9b6905649da83964.png]
[Image: 6dd5f53898754f16b33ff9d0dcdd047c.png]

How to walk on water?

First, get yourself a Water monster. Then, go to the shop and purchase AI2-Hyper Surf. Go to Profile >> My Items - Use Items and search up AI2-Hyper Surf. Press Use and teach it to that Water monster in your team. Afterwards, you can walk on water so as long as you have that Water monster in your team.

How to change my starter monster's/reward box monster's nature?

Go to Profile >> Manage Reward Monsters. You will be able to see all the monsters you've obtained from reward boxes or you've donated to fix. You can fix the elements that aren't in grey.

[Image: 0a3f9ef37c6b47f48930704748d3260e.png]

How to change my monster's natures/abilities/UVs?

There are two ways, paid and unpaid. The paid way is to donate. To get the exact price amounts for the nature/ability/UV changes, press here
The unpaid way is to use gold. To fix through gold, go to Profile >> Set Your Monster Team. Under each monster should have the options to activate different changes. Nature changes are the cheapest, while ability changes are the most costly. 

[Image: 527d897aed184e8aa132e6384b843c08.png]

How to find a zenith/legendary/ancient?

There are many different ways to obtain these rare monsters. The first is to purchase an Attractive Player in the shop and activate it. Then, walk in the grass with persistence and luck. Every time you flee from a monster, your monster escape counters for these rare classes increase. To find out how these escape counters work, press here.
[Image: monster_escape_counters_by_monstermmorpg-d8b1l2b.png]
The second is buy monsters with real currency. Press here for more info.
The third way is to participate in the Daily Rewards System. Go to Gamepage >> Daily Rewards System. To understand how this system works, press here.
[Image: 6c40aa5b8ce144dd8b23f44e62b8da33.png]

How to get a high rank?

The most prominent factors that contribute to the ranking system are:
[Image: 8019310105414b7396fc23c16c7c74a5.png]
Ancient Gem - The more badges you have, the better. There are a total of 19 badges.
Gold - Having lots of gold contributes to your rank.
Different Monsters Score (DMS) - Basically catching a lot of different monsters. You gotta catch them all!
AVG Level / AVG Exp / Total EXP - In order to increase these factors, you just need to level up all of your monsters to really high levels. The highest level in this game is 120. If you're having a problem with these factors because of DMS, try catching monsters in the last few zones, where they tend to be higher levels.
ELO League Score - Accounts for a really large amount of your rank. You have the greatest time by battling computerized versions of actual player teams. Win a lot and your rank will increase.

How to get more gold?

There are many ways to acquire gold, but I will explain the three primary ways. First, you can vote. Press the grey button inside the blue box in the bottom right corner of your gamepage. If you do not know how to vote, you can press here for a tutorial.

[Image: 14eb76980366487696f4d971ad57e664.png]
Second, you can battle arena NPCs. Purchase and equip the item Double Money onto your monsters. Along with the added effects of voting (if you select the boost for 6 hours), you will get quite amount of gold.
Third, you can sell your monsters. You can catch a bunch of monsters and sell it to the NPCs or the bazaar for actual players to buy.
[Image: a0e6cf435c4240f785c04cb6cdb8a1dc.png]

How to level my monsters quickly?

First, you can vote for that 6 hour 100% EXP and Gold Boost. Then, purchase and equip the item Experience Armor onto your monsters. Afterwards, go and battle some arena NPCs. Recommendation: Start at the Ground Arena and fight the NPCs up to the Ghost Arena. You can skip the first couple arenas because there's not too much experience to gain and you do not battle the last few arenas because they're too hard to be fighting leisurely.

How to increase my monster's TP quickly? How to decrease my monster's TP?

To increase TP quickly, purchase nutritions in the shop. Then, go to Profile >> My Items - Use Item. You can only use 20 nutritions on one stat (200 TP).
To decrease TP, purchase degrades in the shop. Then, go to Profile >> My Items - Use Item.

How to relearn old moves?

Go to the shop and purchase a Move Relearner. Then, go to Profile >> My Items - Use Item and use it on the monster.

[Image: 438f86baab244fcdadabb9ca87668225.png]

How to check when event only monsters appear?

Certain monsters only appear at selected times. In order to catch these monsters, press the Events chat.

[Image: 013ef20b3a784222b1d9748073610abf.png]

How to change my username color?

You can change your username color by donating. The different titles are colored differently.

[Image: 76b4bce39498437dbb93970d052eb795.png]

How to catch monsters I want? My monsters are too super duper mega strong and keep obliterating them.

You'd need a monster that has this kind of move:
[Image: 2e42747cd64d4a4bb8d42cc959f2a97a.png]
Press here for a list of some monsters with this type of move.
Recommendation: Get a Brachpour. Although it is a Zenith monster, it is super efficient as it can fly, surf, and has the move "Bright Shock", which replicates the same effect above.

How to link my monster's details onto chat?

Go to Profile >> My Monster Team - Transform Team. Go to "Show Detailed". Copy the link at the top of your monster's details and paste that onto chat.

[Image: c8fc052008794286a14281027d15296a.png]
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Great guide man.
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Its heartening to see players taking the time and energy to make these detailed threads.

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