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How Does Endless Tower System Work
[Image: RPaeZL2.png] ENDLESS TOWER [Image: RPaeZL2.png]

[Image: KGD2vql.png]

So, how does Endless Tower system of MonsterMMORPG works?
From this link, you will be able to start your Tower battle. Moreover, you can reach this page from the main menu > Game Page tab.

1) You enter a Tower battle with all of your Monsters in your storage and bag.

2) You get to use 1 of your Monsters at a time and you can not switch or select which Monster to use.

3) Your Endless Tower Battle team will be composed as below:

First, all of your Monsters in your bag or storage will be sorted by their total stats (HP + Attack + Defense + SpAttack + SpDefense + Speed) descending. Then, top 1 Monster of each Monsters Id will be taken. This means that if you have multiple same Monsters, only the highest stats having will be taken.
Example: Let's say you have 3 Mewtwo and they have 456, 672 and 555 total stats respectively. In this case, your second Mewtwo will be taken into your team and rest will be ignored. After that, your team will be completely shuffled.
You can see what Monsters of each Monsters ID will be taken by the Endless Tower system if you filter by location: Endless Tower team on the Set Monster Team page:
[Image: PcNx4LH.jpeg]

4) Your enemy Tower Monster will be a random Monster from all of the MonsterDex (including Ancients and Gigas) and their level will be 120 (Maximum Level Limit In The Game).

5) You will start with Tower level 0, 0% enemy Monster stats bonus.
5.1) As you defeat your current enemy, your Tower level will increase by 1.
5.2) With each Tower level, enemy Monster will get 5% all stats bonus. Therefore, when you defeat 10 Tower enemy Monster and progress 10 Tower level, your next enemy Monster will have 50% all stats bonus.

6) With each Tower level you progress, it will be compared with your previous maximum level ever reached Tower level and if you pass over that, it will be updated. So, even if you end your battle, or your battle get deleted (if you do not login the game for over 24 hours it gets deleted), your maximum reached Tower level will be saved.

7) Whenever you start a new Tower battle, your Tower level will always start from 0.

8) There will be also weekly maximum reached Tower level event.

9) Your maximum reached Tower level will bring you up to 50,000 Top Trainers score.

10) Your battles will not be limited to any number of turns: After 32,000 turns, the turn number of the battle will be reset to 1.

11) In Tower battles, to prevent infinite battle loop, struggle move will be disabled. Once your Monster’s MP ended, your Monster will be automatically fainted.

UPDATE 28-12-2020

12) The Endless Tower battle has also been included as Seasonal Event. Therefore, every 3 months, the complete ranking will be wiped, and every player on the top 1000 will be rewarded based on their position.

13) There will also be a Tier Reward system on the Endless Tower: everytime a player reaches a certain level for the first time, a reward will be delivered to the players. The further they make it, the more and better rewards they will get.
13.1) Rewards will be reset after every Season, so players can claim the Tower and get the tiers again every 3 months.
13.2) The rewards will be as displayed on the following image:
[Image: vGcvDEt.png]
10) So even if you end your battle, or your battle get deleted (if you do not login the game for over 24 hours it gets deleted), your maximum reached Tower level will be saved
The system and the thread fully updated

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