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How about cef adds buyable houses in game! buyable for gold!

make it so that you can decorate the place as you wish

decorations also cost gold!

everyone can visit

Also our 6 monsters that are in our team could chill in the back! sleep eat or whatever!

Would be awesome if you can just buy your own land (map) and create it as you want Smile

The bigger the more it costs. smaller  is cheaper! and the maximum size could be 50x50 (steps) or somthing like that!

What do you all think? good idea or bad idea!
For a good housing system:
1)Add a "capital city" which you can only access with all badges (to motivate people get all badges)
In this city you can enter to a special building which has all the current existing houses listed - 1 house per player, playerbound (no reselling). By clicking on a house you can "visit" it, but only the main room/entry hall. The other rooms(and garden) are only for the house-owner.
2)From this city you can buy a house for gold as in the thread posted
3)In that house you can buy for real money "special" structures.
a)Special structures would be f.e. a "garden" where you can release a few monsters - this monster gain experience with time/steps you made/battles you made (whatever is realistically code-able).
b)A resting room where after resting for a certain time (not necessarily beeing online while resting) you get increased exp/money bonus or something like that.
c)Grass in garden where any monster can randomly spawn (at first only "regular","superior","emissary","zenith" etc appears, and after you start battle the monster itself is randomly chosen from all monsters of this type, making it possible to catch uncatchable monsters with a really low chance)
->Would add a nice income for the game

to a+c - you could make the garden free, but f.e. for making zeniths appear the owner has to buy the feauture for gold. For legendaries for a really large gold amount. For ancients for real money again. the exp-earning for real money however

4)Maybe add something like crystals/rare stones etc which can be dropped by random monsters after battle with low chance. This will be needed for certain house-upgrades in addition to gold. -> motivation for hunting and battling any monster(especially if the crystals aren't tradeable between players)

All options are only ideas and excludable.
I like  a  lot this idea  . Support + 1
He could also code to where only certain monsters can be found in ONLY the garden of the house *assuming the garden is for gold, not real money". I support
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
Many have been complaining that houses have no map, in the mean time, Cef is more focused on game play, i think after it becomes way better he might work on adding some house maps. So hopefully we can see some of the ideas above added to the game when Cef sees that it is time to add more mechanics to the game.

+1 for me on some of this ideas
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Awesome idea +1 support
+1 for me coming up with the house idea Wink actually dark renegade inspired me
we were derping around and he started saying he  is homeless and eating pizza out of the trash
then i told him to buy a house and then this idea got created in my head @_@
i find it hilarious that my silliness inspired something. im laughing (i will be laughing in the future when people read this also).

I think it would be a great idea to have a feature of personalisation added to to game apart from monster builds, to enable people to display their personality in a physical way in game.
Who knows what V3 will bring us
i like this idea 
you can have my support Smile
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
you got my supportSmile.
+1 support from me as wellSmile I love this idea!
[Image: 11jozyq.jpg]
Amazing idea Wink
15 years old german girl wich is intrested in drawing animals and fantasy creatures.
If you are intrested, look at these:

[Image: anna_lena_pixel_commission_by_mayor_sou_...7tw5h2.gif]
Nice idea, but a lot of games have that kinda stuff. then you get gold for visiting each other? so I don't like that concept (FB game system like farmville). If you don't get gold if you go into another house, why  would i go into a house of other player? 

Hmmm I'd rather see other things done first to make the game better. Like the abilities showing on monsters without clicking for details (sales idea), like story in the game, like the donation system (that you can donate cheaper for DMS mon or for one ability at the time for cheaper), trainers that need to refreshing the page if you run into them with the arrows,....

It sounds strange to me for having a house i'll probably vote a bit later gear, because I see a lot of people like this, I won't vote "no" Big Grin
            thx PRYSMA 2
  [Image: 7G5XCZU.jpg]
santy :p you can come and party inside another persons house! :3
why would it give gold for visiting someone? no gold just randomly buy a house and decorate it Smile and i  hope to see your vote soon ^_^ :p hopefully a yes
Alright, I'll say yes to this. I find this to be a rather interesting concept, also, something else to spend money on.
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I'd love this; it would add personality to the game. The ability to customize would be tough to code, I think, but this would be a pretty cool concept for late V3 or early V4. Support!
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1+ Support from me...
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very hard to implement but maybe in future

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