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Hoenn has Begin....
Hoenn's Beginning!
Chapter One!
Fury's new starter!
[Image: 252.gif][Image: 255.gif][Image: 258.gif]

Fury heads to his next destination Hoenn!
"This place is peaceful, where should I go first?" Fury thought. "Maybe, Littleroot Town...Yea, ill go there."
Fury took his Venusaur out and rode on it. "Im putting the pokemon in my PC, then only use Venusaur,"
Fury thought of BlackV and Jake for a while, boy I miss them...
Fury saw many pokemon but didn't bother attacking them.
During that time he was very quite, but didn't give up hope.
"I have to keep going to become the Gym Leader of this region!" Fury yelled. Couple pokemon thought he was out of his mind by yelling for no reason, Fury looked embarrassed. Finally he was in Littleroot Town, where he was going to get his starter. "I should choose a Torchic I think, since I have a grass type already."
"Nice to meet you, are you Fury? If so Im Professor Birch!" Birch said. "So you came for your starter huh? Looks like you came from Kanto,"
Fury was nervous about the guy, he didn't know him very well. But just like everyone did, follow the guy.

"We'll give you some food while you pick your starter," Birch said picking up some food and cooking them.
"No problem sir, Im not hungry, it only took a while to get here," Fury was starving but he tried to be polite. "So, were still gonna give you some food to eat, I know whats inside of you." Birch replied. Fury looked shy around him. Fury however grabbed Torchic and said "Ill get this one sir,"
"Okay, your now the trainer of this pokemon young man, journey your way to Hoenn Region. But first eat," Birch said handing him the pokeball.
Fury ate like a wolf, he ate all the food in no time.
Afterwards he said "Thank you," and went to Route 101.
"Torchic come out!" Fury said as soon as he got to Route 101.
[Image: 255.gif]

"Get on top of Venusaur, you'll be training on top of him!" Fury grabbed Torchic and put him by his lap. "Now use Ember on every pokemon you see." Torchic however nodded a "no". "Looks like you can't learn that move then," Fury said. Torchic nodded a "yes". "So we'll train to learn it, use tackle on every pokemon you see then!" Torchic used it on plenty of pokemons that he saw. Finally at level 9 he learned Ember. Fury grabbed Torchic and put him on his lap again, "Now use Ember so you won't have to get down to use tackle," Torchic nodded a "yes" this time, he used it alot as well. Fury then saw a man with Treecko, "I bet he's gonna ask to be rival.., Fury thought.

"Hey, Kanto dude!" The man said his name was (Fang). "Lets battle, only our Hoenn pokemon!"
Fury said "yes" even though he was a stranger. "Treecko use Tackle!" Fang said. "Then hit a Quick attack if your Tackle don't miss!"
Fury smiled then laughed, "Ember!" The Ember hit Treecko and then Treecko fainted already. "Lucky one, this is only my beginning! Rivals for now, I need to battle you soon as possible!" Fang yelled. "Good luck training!" Fury looked at his Torchic putting his hand on Torchic's head, "You did great," Then put him on his lap again.

To be contin--

"Wait!!" A voice yelled. "I need my part too man!!"
Narrator : You came to slow so, its to late for you. You'll be on the next chapter though. But, don't come doing that to me please.
To be continue...

Chapter Two!
What remains in Petalburg Woods?

After the training the voice remains no other then (Mudkeepman)
"Hello Fury, im the one from the formation of Eevs and Green's Clan, im Mudkeepman, (Mudkipz for short)." Mudkipz said. "Im here to help you, Eevs gave me the permission to come and help you here,"
Mudkipz smiled, suddenly Fury had a smile as well. "Since you have a Hoenn pokemon you could travel here, don't use any other pokemon besides Hoenn!" Fury laughed. "No im just playing around you could use what ever you want," Mudkipz looked at his Mudkip pokeball, maybe its overpower... "Im traveling with you of course, there's nothing to do if I just stay here and do nothing." Mudkipz said. "You could ask for help if needed, and your rival Jake has gotten stronger then you so you need to train more!"

Fury looked at Mudkipz, "You met Jake?"
"Of course I did! We battled in Mt.Craze, he beated me with only one pokemon! He plans to head to Elite Four tomorrow!" Mudkipz replied. Fury thought for a sec, (maybe I shouldn't have come to Hoenn Region... But what I started I must continue!)
They went inside the woods and battled separately, Fury kept check on Mudkipz in case he was ditched. "Torchic Ember!" Fury yelled. Cascoon fainted and Fury continue training. "Maybe we should head on? Its getting pretty dark here..." Mudkipz freaked out. His image was Gengars appearing everywhere. "Me and Torchic will set up three fires since your scared of Dark Woods, but you build a shelter while we collect rocks and sticks." Fury explained the plan. Mudkipz wasn't sure about the plan because he was frighten.

"We'll build the fire right away then, Torchic use Ember on the sticks!" Fury commanded. The fire was built and Mudkipz finally calmed down. "Marshtomp come out and stay by me!" Mudkipz said. Fury went to gather more rocks and stick to build the next 2 fires. "How many do we NEED--!!!" Fury took off carrying Torchic. The Image of Angry Gengars appeared in his mind. Fury finally reached Mudkipz, screaming like a girl (AHH!!!!!AHH!!!!!!) "Whats wrong with him?" Mudkipz thought. "He's crying like a little girl," Mudkipz ditched him by going to sleep. Waking up Fury didn't go to sleep, he was still screaming like a little girl.

"Gengarr!!" The Gengars that scared Fury appeared, they used the move Hypnosis in Fury's mind. "Free Fury or prepare for a battle!" Mudkipz fought back. "So thats what you pick, Mudkip come out! Use Hydro Pump!" The Hydro Pump watered the Gengar, Gengar used Shadow Ball and Mudkip jumped up and dodged it. "Now use Whirlpool!!" Mudkipz commanded. The Whirlpool was like a tsunami so the Gengars got scared a ran away. Finally Fury awoke and they continue there journey.
In 5 seconds a guys gonna say Wait!
5...4...3...2...2...1..(Wait did I say "2" twice, sorry ignore that)
Narrator: Hmm, Looks like he didn't say it, well
To be conti--
"Wait!" A voice yelled. "Use my part, After the damage the Gengar took they ran away for 2 hours and got lost. They continue to hunt peoples dream!"
Narrator: No Thanks, he waited for the To be continue to happen didn't he...Well, To be continue of the next Chapter! Hoped you enjoy the Chapter!

[Image: 94.gif]

Chapter Three!
Jake takes on Light!

Like Mudkipz said, "He plans to go to the Elite Four tomorrow,"
Well here's the story to it.


Escaping the Gengar's they ran out of the forest going to a different place. But during that Jake takes place in the Champion Light.

"Looks like you came here before your rival, I won't go easy on you now! Dragonite come out!" Light yelled.
"Alright, Tyranitar come out!!" Jake stared at Light (He is going to win maybe...) "Dragonite use Dragon Rage!" Light commanded. "Tyranitar, Rock Throw!" Jake yelled. The attack were even damage, it was a 3 on 3 battle.

"Very nice, Dragonite Hyper Beam!" Light yelled. "(This better work...)

"Tyranitar use Dig!" Jake commanded. Light froze, (He knows Dig?!?)

Dragonite blew his Hyper Beam before Tyranitar came out from Underground. Finally when Dragonite came down Jake yelled, "Tyranitar Earthquake underground!!" The ground broke in half, Tyranitar grabbed Dragonite and Threw him up. "Full Power Rock Throw!" Jake yelled. Dragonite was flying upside down which make it hard for him to dodge, Dragonite fainted. "You did great Dragonite..." Light murmured. "Go Nidoking!!" Jake stared down at Tyranitar, "Return! Come out, Charizard!!" Light stared, (The Charizard is high level now, 100 maybe)

"Yo Jake, you grown alot better so Nidoking rain dance!!" Light yelled. "After use, Horn Drill!"
"Charizard Sunny Day, then Flare Blitz!!" Jake yelled. Nidoking charged at Charizard, but Charizard flew up and hit on Nidoking's back. (Man, he's good...But Nidoking could survive I hope...) "Nidoking use Helping Hand to yourself!" Light planned. "Now, use Hyper Beam!!"

"Charizard, Fly up and use Overheat!!!" Jake commanded. "Then suck your Overheat with a Flare Blitz, try to avoid recoils!!"
(What is he planning now?), Light thought. The Overheat was sucked in Charizard's Flare Blitz then Charizard avoid the Hyper Beam charging at Nidoking it was a Direct Hit. Nidoking fainted. "Man!! Only one more Pokemon left!!" Light yelled. "Return! Go Garchomp!!"
"Garchomp!!!" Garchomp roared.
Charizard was hit with recoil then it used blaze, Charizard blew another Sunny Day. "Garchomp Dragon Rush!!" Light yelled. "Full Power!!"
"Charizard Flare Blitz!!!" Jake yelled. "Full Power!!"

Both had a direct hit. Almost both of them fainted, THUD!
Thud! Thud! (Both knocked out!)
"Both pokemon are unable to battle, but Jake still have two pokemon left so, Jake is now Champion of the Elite Four!"
Jake half cried. "Thank you," Jake cried.
Light looked at Jake, "I've been Champion too long, its time to move on..." Light said.

TV Went on, Light have been defeated by the Mt.Craze master! Jake is the Lord/Champion of Elite Four now!!

"But how!?!?!" Fury thought in Hoenn Region. "Jake won Champion and Im still exploring..."

[Image: Customsprite2.png]
~New Champion~

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