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Hillbilly Lollipop -- BRACKETS POSTED
Tournament Is LIVE!!

Here is the challenge:

Create a team of 6 monsters. There is no need to post a lineup. Team compositions can be changed at any time during the tournament.

When you face your opponent. The monster you choose to bring out, is your fighter. You may have chosen well, you may have chosen poorly, but this is the monster that fights. If your one monster dies, you forfeit the match.

This adds an element of randomness to the choice of monster. It could be good versus your opponent, or weak to their type, but your choice is the final choice.

Each Match will be played best 2 out of 3. Winner moves on, loser is eliminated

Maximum amount of entries allowed is 16. I will not host a tournament with more than 16 entered because of issues with unfair draws forced to be created.

RULES + Recap:
This goes without saying, Don't use ***Bomber***
In the event that both monsters do faint at the same time. You may then chose a new monster and continue from there. Until one monster survives while the other dies (End)
  • Team of 6 Monsters. No restrictions on UV
  • Level 100's are allowed
  • Keep in mind, You may use a completely different setup of 6 monsters between battles 1 and 2 of your scheduled matches. There are no lineup rules or restrictions, Your entire monster dex is available to you when choosing what 6 to finally start a match with and chose your champion from.
  • No health items allowed (no drugs potions mp items)
  • Held Items are allowed
  • Single Elimination - Random Draw creation
  • Winner takes all.
***THE MOST IMPORTANT THING*** The LOSER must forfeit the match. Winner should not hit surrender. Take a screenshot if there is conflict. Do not battle past the first monster, so I can be assured that the fainted monster is the one for the battle.

Winner gets a prize of 6,000,000 gold

This is best 2/3.
1 monster fights.
LOSER surrenders.
[Image: Hillbilly.png]

Remember to read the rules of the tournament and know how the battle works before you start. If there is any confusion during the match, that is the persons fault, and there will be no re-do's.

Please post results below so I can update the brackets. Also, I will run a backdraw for first round losers, the prize for this backdraw will be a monster in my collection that either has good UVS (40+ on key stats) or has a desirable nature.
i'm in.
[Image: un76e.jpg]
make it 5m ill donate4m
Maybe i will join? the i really got to start training!
Consider me as in for now Smile
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
oh man wish i could joinbut school is school
6-10th isn't weekend here....It's Monday to Friday man..
Constantly dying yet never dead
(2012-01-26, 01:14 PM)Rock127 Wrote: 6-10th isn't weekend here....It's Monday to Friday man..
Monday to Friday here as well, that is the only reason i joined, because that is when i have the opportunity to play
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
lol, ive been awake too long. I looked at january =P
count me..."
school days i cant play i have to study im banned playing
count me in
"I am only following God's orders"
[Image: crimsontalonbanner.png]
i think it is a very good idea for a tour
nice work xr
I would like to join Smile

Seems interesting.

Also, instead of taking donations, you should have created a fee of 50,000 to 100,000 gold. That way, the total amount of players each pay the required fee which will go towards the prize.

When this type of tournament becomes established, I will start running 8 mans whenever people are on, and entry fees will be like 250kish for high rollers. or Low end players can use monsters with a lower level limit, with a 10k entry fee.

The beauty of it is that its fun, and anyone has a chance to win. Even an emissary can take out the all powerful legendary if its the right type or resistance.

It shall be forever known as the game of Rock, Paper, Dodumb.

Make sure you guys practice and try it out. I would like to get feedback on more people who have tried this. Remember, the key to success is having a knowledge of your competition, knowing if walls beat sweepers, or if balancing your monster to do both adequately is effective.

You can go ahead and add me in. I'll also donate the missing 1,000,000.
[Image: shoshinsig2.png]
Click my signature to be taken to the Wiki!!
Added Shosh, but theres no missing 1 mil.
4 mil in donations
I started it at 1 million myself.

Just let me know if you still wanna put in the extra 1 million knowing that information.

Glad to have you, and I hope you enjoy it. I do apologize for the obscure and rather idiotic tournament was just a development and overcompensation of idiocy on my part for a chat discussion.

In reality this format has 2 proposed names -- Highlander format, or "Rock Paper Dodumb"
count me in.
[Image: SamurottGSig.png]
Dont mess with the Samu or else you'll be left to rott in the Sanzu.
Credits go to SparrowHawk for the amazing sig.
count me in
The Dragon Slayer

[Image: Kaissig_zps260304a2.jpg]
even though it says i'm in, i'm in. But not just regular in, i'm SUPER IN
You dare Challenge ME ?

Yep, almost ready for draws. They will be done tomorrow sometime, hopefully I can get this 16th player to fill up the draws.
brackets are done and at the top. Feel feel to play and report wins here
Dandragoon vs. Edens
2-0 in favour of Dandragoon
[Image: un76e.jpg]
Thanks Dand, I updated the challonge site, not sure when it will transfer the updated image on to here. What were the details of the battle? Do you happen to remember his pick vs yours?
I beat PcKaveman
[Image: image]
Since it is a 2/3, this post will be updated. Win for Kami!


1 win, 1 loss *crying*

Yup, I knew I'd lose this tourney in the first round Cool


Kamenashi moves on!!!!
what do you mean a 2/3.

was your match not played 1 win you, 1 win him, 1 win him?

Also lol about that picture Kami. What im wondering is how you have 4 ranks in speed and attack, and he has 0 ranks in evade with a predict ability =P
I beat Kamenashi.
[Image: image]
Zach beat me...
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
Rake : 2 pein : 0
You dare Challenge ME ?

ok reported

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