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Hillbilly Lollipop -- BRACKETS POSTED
(2012-02-08, 08:02 PM)Xrposiedon Wrote: what do you mean a 2/3.

was your match not played 1 win you, 1 win him, 1 win him?

Also lol about that picture Kami. What im wondering is how you have 4 ranks in speed and attack, and he has 0 ranks in evade with a predict ability =P
I won the first round, Kamenashi won the 2nd and the 3rd.

Also, I used Strange Dance first, Kamenashi fell asleep, I used Drake Dance and boosted up attack and speed Tongue

Then used Dragon Aura which enabled the 1 hit K.O

lolololol, yes.

Then she killed me with Alaclipse and Dimagem.
Dandragoon vs. Kunwar

2-1 in Dandragoons favour.

matchups have been

Miro vs. Engiron - win Engiron
Alaclipse vs. Dimagem - win Alaclipse
Jekyllight vs. Engiron - win Jekyllight
[Image: un76e.jpg]
I have pmed Dan hopefully we can meet.
[Image: image]
ok good thanks. Still waiting to see the winner of shosh and kai as well.

2-0 Uncle vs Dandragon.

Kai and Shosh please do your best to play your match as soon as possible.
Have to give the bottom bracket win to Shosh. He is the more active and recent logon of the two competitors.
Uncle is already in the finals.. Not surprised ;-;

If Shoshin wins (most likely), I hope that he and Uncle have a very good match.
yea....ive messaged zach via pm on the game, hopefully he will get with shosh. I have given him two days, but he has taken a long leave from the game and said he would check in periodically for a pm. Hopefully they can get it played, otherwise ill have to default yet again.
Sadly, had to do another default win. Zach has not been on in the 2 days i gave him, and I know he is going to be absent for a while. He had said 2 months....but he occasionally would check in. I hate to do it....but This tournament needs to conclude and give prizes, I hope you understand Zach.
I face Shosh... Man kind of forgot about this... Shosh has been inactive for 9 days.
[Image: image]
UNCLE LUNG FISH. Congrats on winning the First ever Rock Paper Dodumb style tournament.

PRize money 6 Million gold. Paid and Received at 11:31 PM EST.

The Finals were won by default. I had given as much time as I possibly could for Shosh to play the match; and as bad as I feel having to default a win in the finals of a tournament, I was forced to default the win after waiting over 10 days.

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