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Guild Wars
0: Guild wars page :

1: You will need guild war keys in order to declare war on other guilds. Only guild leader and guild co-leader can declare war

2: Your guild will receive 1 guild war key once every 12 hours and maximum number of a key your guild can have will be 2. So, it is best to start wars as soon as possible you obtain a key to not lose any time

3: Only guild leader and co-leader will be able to declare war upon other guilds

4: To participate any guild war, you need to have at least 10 guild members that can participate the guild war

5: The members that have joined the guild less than 12 hours ago will not able to participate any guild wars

6: Always the minimum size having guild will be taken into the consideration. Lets say guild A have 13 members that can participate the guild war and guild B have 21 members. So the top 13 members of the guild A and top 13 members of the guild B will participate the guild war

7: You can set the order of members that will join the war. The number 1 will be number 1 to join. If more than 1 member is set to same join order, the one who has more all time guild quest damage will have higher priority

8: Once the war starts, the members will be locked. You can not change members of a war after the war starts

9: Each member of both defender and attacker side of the war will get 2 defense points and 2 attack points

10: Each attack against the enemy guild member will consume 1 of your attack point. So in each guild war, you will be able to do maximum 2 attacks to the enemy guild. This can be against the same player or different players

11: If the defender lose in guild war, his/her defense points will decrease by 1. When he/she has 0 defense points, he/she can not be attacked anymore

12: The guild war will end automatically in 12 hours after started. It may have up to 3 minutes delay.

13: When the war ends, the guild which has most of the remaining defense points will win the war

14: If both guilds get 0 defense points or equal number of points, the match will be a tie

15: The guilds will have all time and weekly guild war scores. The score is same as ELO league score system :

16: The base starting guild war scores will be 400

17: The weekly score will be reset to 400 each week. They are static and the reset will happen every 7th, 14th, 21th and 28th day of the month at the 11.59 AM game time

18: At the each reset, each guild will get reward based on their weekly rank

19: The reward will be given from the Accumulated Weekly Guild War Reward Gold In The Pool. The gold accumulated in the pool is based on the entire game gold gain. In every wild Monster or NPC battle, 100% of the gold gain will go into the pool

20: Your guild will get certain percent of the total gold in the pool. It will be like this. Number #1 guild gets 100x, #2 gets 100*95/100=95x, #3 gets 95*95/100=90.25x, #4 gets 85.73x, #5 gets 81.45 and so on

21: You can see percentage of the gold each guild gets here :

22: The guild war score will be given like this. The attacker guild will gain score if wins and will lose score if loses

23: The defender guild will not gain any score even if wins. The defender guild will lose score if loses. This is made this way to prevent abuse of alt guilds

24: All war statistics of the guilds is shown in guild wars page

25: All war statistics of players are shown in player page

26: When you battle against the enemy guild's member, if you have set your guild war attack team it will be used. It can be set from here (GuildWar_Atk) :

27: When enemy guild's player attacks you as guild war battle, if you have set your guild war defense team (GuildWar_Def), that team will be used :

28: Normally defender player will be controlled by AI however if the defender set accept  live guild war battle from control panel, he can battle against the attacker in a live pvp battle. This setting can be turned on from :

29: For having live pvp battle, the defending player has to be online. So if you dont want to get battled as live pvp while you are afk, make sure you logout from the game

30: When your guild is attacker, each war your guild wins will grant you (you have to be participating that war) 2 Silver Medals and each war your guild lose will grant you  (you have to be participating that war) only 1 Silver Medal. You can use Silver Medals in Reward Shop:

31: So if your guild is defender, you will not gain any Silver Medal even if your guild wins the war

32: To prevent abuse of the system, only the members that have at least 500 (wild Monster + NPC) battles victory or have at least 10 badges will get gold reward in the guild

33: When you get your Guild Wars Money reward, you will receive also a private message that tells how much gold you have received and what was your guild rank

34: Another multiplier is weekly guild war participation. Once your reward gold is determined, it will be also multiplied by your guild's weekly war participation

35: Only the Attacking Guild Wars that your guild Win and Defending Guild Wars that your guild lose will be counted as weekly guild participation (to prevent abuse with alt guilds)

36: We have determined that 10 guild war participation will get 100% reward. So if your Guild wins 3 attacking guild wars and loses 2 defending guild wars, your guild will be counted as 5 active guild war participated in that week and you will get 50% of your deserved reward by your rank. Min is 1% and max is 100%

37: Once the guild wars are given, you will receive a fully explanatory PM like below one

[Image: weekly_guild_war_reward_pm_by_monstermmorpg-dbh2g6y.png]

38: You can also set to not participate any guild wars from guild wars page :

39: If you set to not participate, you can not attack any other guilds. If you are in a battle with another guild (if you are attacker), you can not turn of guild war participation until your attacking guild war ends

40: When guilds are sorted with their weekly rank, first sorting parameter is weekly score, then all time score, then weekly active war participation count, then attacking war win count and then defending guild war count. This is set to sort properly exactly same score having guilds

41: When guilds are sorted with their all time rank, first sorting parameter is all time score, then attacking war win count and then defending guild war count. This is set to sort properly exactly same score having guilds

42: If you try to cheat the system with alt accounts and alt guilds, your all accounts will get banned, do not try to cheat the system. Also report me the players you suspect

43: You can have multiple alts but you can not make guild war attacks with them. Otherwise it will be counted as exploiting the system

44: So if your alts enter the war even though you set them lower priority, you can not make attacks with them. This is the risk you are taking

45: Your alt accounts can be defending player, but as mentioned previously, attacking with your alts is not allowed
A lot of work has been put into this. I am happy to see guilds are taking a huge place in the game and community. This should attract more players for more exciting battles.

So far, I have no queries about the system or any contributing ideas for improvements or updates. I like it, I believe it'll work efficiently.

Nice implementation!
45: Your alt accounts can be defending player, but as mentioned previously, attacking with your alts is not allowed
New member here Heart How do I join a guild?

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