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Force Ops Recruiting Initiative (rewards)
poke pick a monster above and also complete missions
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sweet, yeah just pick a monster and make sure you have a monster on trade.
i pick this one Quantum, polnorso

i have a monster on trade just in case you didnt know Tongue
okay, i gotcha covered. i offered on your monster.
was i supposed to get 200k with it though?
oh yes you were, it is just to help you get started.
I would like to join!!! I was recruited by Shadow11770 *throws pillow at Shadow*

is there a way to get another polnorso? I love that monster. If not, than the fire eagle, unless you can (or I) delete the magnet dead move on selec.
you don't like the one i have up there? because i have a lot more, but just not as good. and you can delete or replace moves on any monster. either buy a move, wait tell it learns a new move, or use move relearner.
I've got a question. When and how do I get an ancient gem? Like if I cant get one now when? And how?
they are not available right now, they will be in the update.
sadden how they use this thread rather than the main page Sad the main thread is for new members ! this thread is for existing members only ! If yu want to join go to main page or im not adding yu . It makes it seem like your only here for the monsters.
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yes, i get your point, but it is a recruiting center. i am hoping they post here and on the main page. i will edit the post right now.

tell me what you think now.
I don't think it is fair that you are upset with me. I was told to go here and I was never told that there was a main page.

As for the monsters, I didn't say I didn't like the monsters you had I just liked polnorso. I did say I like selec and the fire flying bird.
okay i am thoroughly confused. i am not sure what monster you want. and yes like i said, this is a recruiting center, so you are not out of line. but if you could post on the main page that would be really great. it just makes it more formal, and its easier for phantom. and i have updated my thread to say that.
sorry I was just saying that if one is not available I would go for one of the other two. For the other site/forum, I don't know where that is.
so anything not scratched out is available. still a lot of monsters. so you can choose.
and here is the site:
all of force ops is under the clans/guilds/teams. i will put all the links on the first post.

thread updated
thank you very much, I appreciate it.

Also I would like Polnorso please.
okay make sure to have a monster on trade.
can i join?
[Image: 430ada87.png]

Killing is my business..........And business is good!!
(2012-09-06, 12:08 AM)Thantos Wrote: can i join?
obviously you dont follow the instructions. Please read the thread again, then repost your question in the right place . Thank you
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sorry thantos, phantom would just like you to post on the main page aswell.
srry my bad
[Image: 430ada87.png]

Killing is my business..........And business is good!!

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