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Force Ops [PvP school]
Welcome to the Force Ops PvP school.

Here I going to teach you all the monster PvP arts syllabus...

I will be adding notes everyday so you all can practice them slowly

Lesson #1: Tips and notes you should notice in pvp. They are:

- Don't use items during battle- this is a main rule- however these rules can
change in a tournament.
- Bomber and Other Self and Outer damaging moves may spoil the mood of some
players so I advise that you don't use them
- OHKO(One Hit Knock Out) Moves are quite risky because they mostly have
accuracy of 20. Its pure luck if it hits but it is too risky.
- You must have a strategy in pvp for each and everyone one of your
monsters-You will understand why as we go further into PVP
Thats all for today: Lesson #1 on (DD/MM/YY)-

Feel free to comment and ask more about today's
Note that tests will be given to members of our clan for them to remember
what pvp is all about.It can happen at every random time.
This is Dexter Singh reporting from Force Ops teaching unit

Day no. 2.
Lesson #2. Types- Advantages and Disadvantages.
-In pvp we look for the weakest spot in our enemy monster. Therefore we need to
learn our Types andvantages and disadvantages.
I will get a advantage and disadvantage chart soon and post it on edit. For now
leave this as is.

Lesson #3. Monster classes can also affect stats as in hit points,Attack,Defense,Special Attack,etc.
The higher the monster classes are, the more power they have.
Emissinaries,Zeniths and Legends are most commly used in pvp because of their
well rounded Stats
That's all for today. Lessons 2 & 3.

Note that there will be a test tomorrow.. this thread will be deleted and reposted when test has finished.
For each correct answer. You get 10k.Good Luck.

Day 3
Lesson#4 Base Stats

Base stats simply tells us and gives us an idea of
how the monsters stats will be without out any boosts.It also shows us the
miminum statistics monster can reach as well the the total stats of it.You can
check a monster's base stats by simply going on it's monsterdex's detail page .It
can be found to the extreme right top side of the page.

Lesson#5 Monster Nature
Monster Natures or just simply natures boost or
decreases a monsters stat. Base status also affect this because: For eg. A
monsters base stat shows that the attack stat is its strongest point while in
the nature, the attack stat is the decreased point. This will therefore affect
the balance of that particular nature.

To learn all the natures in Monster MMORPG look

That's all for today folks. I'll see you all later.

DAY 3: Lesson's 4 & 5 on 11/10/2012

Day 4
Lesson #6- Uv's-Unique Values.
Unique values or uv's are boosters to the stats of
a monster. The higher the uv of a stat the higher the number of the original

The maximum a uv can go is 50 per stat and 300 in
total.This, especially can be a help to monster natures by boosting them, but,
with low numbers it can be a disadvantage to the purpose of the nature. To find
the uv's of a monster you can simply click on the "Show Detailed"
page as well as to find nature,tp's,moves,unique power/type,id, etc.

Lesson #7-TP'S- Training Points/Tp training.

Training points or tp are the final form of
boosters you can get while training. In other words, they are pints you CAN GET
while fighting other WILD monsters in basic. Certain types of monsters give
certain types of tp's. The total tp in all a monster can hold is a maximum of
799.Meaning one stat can hold a max of 400 while the other, a max of 399, as
long as it totals to 799. I will always advise that you you tps according to
the boosts of the monster's nature.

Ways to speed up tp training:- Buy a Double
Training and but it on a monster- it doubles the amout of tp a monster gets in
a wils battle.

-Buy Tp nutritions to speed up tping as it increase
the amount by 10 per item/per stat. However a monster can hold a max of only
200tp's/20 nutritions per stat.

Ways to delete unwanted tps: - Buy tp degrades.

This is all for today: Day 4 on : 13/10/2012

Feel free to comment and ask questions. See you all
next day.

NB.- All active members in the clan will be given a
test tomorrow in their in-game pms as well as their forum pm's and the the test
will last for 2 days and you will be mark accordingly.If you get the
recommended marks you will be put in as
The Accepted Students.


New Pvp ranks are
going to be added to the PVP class.. OMG OMG (Gets excited)



The Accepted Students(People who passed the tests)
Quanto Konami



he Newborn Rangers(
People who have

These abilities are yet to be discovered:
The Knights
The Samurai
The Force Ops Ninja Squad
The Ultimate Pvp Leader


War Squads
Our war squads are
going to be divided into five important sections:

The Assassination Squad(will be fighting in the middle lines)
The Attack Squad(will be fighting in the front lines)
The Backup Squad(will go in if the attack squad is eliminated)
The Defensive Squad(will assist in defending all the squads)
The Tactical Squad(will make the strategies for the clan and will also provide as the clan's last line of defense)


Pvper's(people who betray the clan)
Rogue Pvpers are:
[u]Abilities yet to be found:


[u]The Bloody

The Misty Fighters
The Gutsy Betrayers

The Following marks go as according to wrote the exams:
hammerbro13-------------------------10/10---------------- 50/50 --------------0/0 --------------------60
Quanto_Konami------------------ 10/10--------------- 35/50 --------------0/0 --------------------45
Noelle---------------------------------- 0/10------------------ 44/50 -------------0/0 --------------------44
alyon -----------------------------------0/10-------------------7.5/50------------ 0/0 --------------------7.5
ShockZekrom-------------------------- 0/10----------------- 17/50-------------- 0/0-------------------- 17
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 Name: Dexter
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I had hoped to see at least a few responses to this. Maybe some questions from the members who don't have everything figured out yet.
i though so as well now its re-opened.
[Image: 4ab640cb58ed8813afd342449a09e628.jpg]
 3DS FC: 0103-9714-7767
 Name: Dexter
 Friend Safari: Electric

How do we take the exams and the other stuff?
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May the FORCE be with you!
I so wanna be in the assassination squad.
Get my drift?
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