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Follow-Up to Prysma's Monster Catch Thingy
I don't know how many other people do this.. But recently all I've been able to do is play this game on my phone recently. An with that, due to phones not meant for playing this game, I'm not really able to hunt or anything except chat, forums, and look in bazaar. Recent what I started doing was I looked in bazaar for cheap emissaries, because nobody sells cheap zeniths anymore except prysma who occasionally sells cheap zeniths. So I started working on DMS in the shop by buying cheap emissaries. A reoccurring problem was that I didn't know how to see if I already owned the monster unless I did "Show Detailed" and then clicked on the monsters image. So I think that we should do the same thing as when we have the option to battle or to run. We should have the monster box either red if we have the monster or gray I we don't while looking for monsters in bazaar. Your thoughts?
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Good idea.
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yes good idea i should add at v3
(2013-08-29, 08:51 PM)CeFurkan Wrote: yes good idea i should add at v3

Thank you very much! :)
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I like this fact I was just in there thinking about just this lol
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(2013-08-29, 08:52 PM)War Wrote: I like this fact I was just in there thinking about just this lol

It just got really annoying having to click so many times on my phone just to see if I even owned the darn monster lol
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this is already added just to note

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