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Elite_trainer's Training Shop
(2012-10-31, 12:18 AM)SparrowHawk Wrote: I don't have much gold, but I do need a certain monster.

Monster : Scarfight
Class : Emissary
Natures : Trembling, Mirage, Verve, Momentum

I want high UVs as well, 40+ mostly. If you know the natures, you know what UVs are needed.

I'll train it myself, just the hunt is needed Smile

How much would I pay? Well let's see.. 200,000 - 300,000 gold.

You don't have prices up, so I made a price Wink
You said you'll take the job, it's not added.

Busy ATM. I'll add it in a second.
New Order so please wait your turn
Signature Shop
Monster : Jungoat
Class : Emissary
Natures : Trembling, Mirage, Momentum, Verve
UVs : 39+ in attack, defense, special defense, and speed.

Idc about the rest o-o well, health is important too but whatever.

I'll pay.. 150,000 - 250,000 gold. ????
Bump.. I take back the scarfreeze order, these monsters are low leveled and I'm not paying that much :o

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