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Alright, as the title suggests, this is a thread about Drexles. ALL DREXLES AVAILABLE FOR REDRAW BY HENRIE OR GK! Ill post pics of ma drawings and u guys can tell me what u think. I dont have bug, steel, or rock, and the type names r different, but here r the starters:
[Image: 08172012094110pm2.jpg&action=rotate]
sorry, the order is backwards, but these r water/dragon
[Image: dsc023541.jpg&action=rotate]
wind/electric bunnies, final forms head is a little small Tongue
[Image: 08212012020513pm2.jpg&action=rotate]
and ground/fire, maybe

this is only the top half, they will have attacks, types, and each one has its own ability
they are pretty good.
Thnx, got like 70 more. gonna space em out.
70??? that is a ton. where do you get the time?
started bout a year ago. take and index card, line in the middle and draw a creature
like this:
[Image: dsc02349ec.jpg&action=rotate]
iHave some check mine and if yu have request iWill be happy to do them (:
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and vise versa, always looking for a new Drexle. I like your wolf.
you have ok drawings, keep practicing and you'll keep getting better, you'll know your good when you like your own drawings
yah iAgree the wolf is the best to me too (:
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For Flying Dutchman WARNING: no one is safe Tongue
[Image: 08212012031235pm.jpg&action=rotate&degre...6124845168]
what is that O.o
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it is an extremely creepy sloth, Light/dark. Never again!
I didn't request that o-o
You said light/dark sloth, and it is really creepy.
[Image: 2415302129_7e0e282e0f_m.jpg]
No, I said Electric/Rock Squirrel
Alright, in response to requests: (little squished and cat/squirrel thing, oops)
[Image: 08212012041833pm.jpg&action=rotate&degre...9084915278]
Sorry, was just a funny thing, but it does look quite awesome though
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[Image: Gavel-Outside-w.jpg]
the three-headed worm nice
nice firefly you have there . . .
nice drawings u could draw more and more
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
Actually, i have no fireflies (awkward) and on the far right, i have squirrel who turned out to be cat-like, oops, anyway, drew the evolution 5 minuets ago, here it is:
[Image: 08222012081316am.jpg&action=rotate]

supposed to be a "c" at the end. anyway, tropicroc-100% male water/grass arcticroc-100% female water/ice.
[Image: 08222012082124am.jpg&action=rotate&degre...7734237195]
I like these drawings... are you making more?
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making more he asks *laughs* i had 70 before i made this thread, there will be tons more! also, i take requests, but only some. and the types i have that pokemon dont r light, slice, and vibe (sound)

alright, i m debating between dragon/fire and fire/dark, or void in Drexles, u decide.
[Image: 08222012085855am.jpg&action=rotate]
Void sounds coo
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(2012-08-21, 08:14 PM)night phoenix Wrote: For Flying Dutchman WARNING: no one is safe Tongue
[Image: 08212012031235pm.jpg&action=rotate&degre...6124845168]
actually, not sure who wanted this
your drawings keeps getting better and better, very nice
[Image: 08222012091741am.jpg&action=rotate]water/ice

And here r some noevolutionsSadwater, wind/dragon, Shock/psychic)

[Image: 08222012091904am.jpg&action=rotate]

And here is this 1-of-many evolution Drexles its an egg:
[Image: 08222012092557am.jpg&action=rotate]
how old are u? ur drawings are awesome
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
13 and a half, turn 14 in December
a young kid taking lots of interest amazing
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
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