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Detective Rock's odd finding -Pending CeFurkan's fixing-
I reported this before (but ignored by CeFurkan) So now I will focus on it more in one thread.
OT link
So my basis is we all know Potasinite , Socilec and Caesidote are a trio. After the three, Polnorso is the following Monster in the Dex number.
First of all, Potasinite's species is Artic. It is a typo of Arctic. But, I think Arctic isn't Potasinite's species. but after them, Polnorso has its species classified as Alien. Socilec and Caesidote's species are both Alien. So, maybe Polnorso's species is supposed to be Arctic, and Potasinite's is Alien. Get where I'm going?

BTW The colored words are all links.
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agreed rock
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Well that makes sence. You sure look at different stuff in the monster dex than I do rock.
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Yeah, there isn't any reason why Potasinite would be arctic. :S
yea hmm nice detective rock xD

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CeFurkan please check.
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Yeah... O-o
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Bump again...
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