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Monster Dex Checking
I'm going to scan Monster Dex for errors.
P.S. There is no such word as Catchable
Where Appear At The MonsterMMORPG Game maybe change to Can be found in these Maps: [map] [map]
Maps where you can catch this Monster as a wild Monster are not added the game yet ! Maybe change to This Monster is not catchable in any map in the game yet!
Base Reward change into Base Reward EXP
The phrase: Moves learned by levelling up is wrong. (Reported also on another so never mind this)

INDIVIDUALSadOnly Species)
#58 Camoflague is misspelled. Camouflage is the Correct Spelling .
#78 (UNSURE) Yappy could either be a typo for Happy or Yappy is a word meaning talking in an irritating and annoying way. Pomebel doesn't seem irritating...
#103 Vaccume is misspelled. Vacuum is the Correct Spelling.

#217 Hearder is misspelled. Herder is the Correct Spelling.
#234 Cyclopse is misspelled. Cyclops is the Correct Spelling.
#246 Gama is misspelled. Gamma is the Correct Spelling. (Gama is a character from Naruto, an acronym, and a carriage, which is obviously, not related to Gampha.)
#250 (UNSURE) Artic could be a typo of Arctic, although Arctic is for cold, and Potasinite is not anyhow an Ice-Type. OR could be its species is Alien just an error. (Because all three of the other trio members are Species: Alien)

OK I have come to a conclusion here.BIG MISTAKE. Look the trio Potasi, Soci and Caesi are all supposed to have Species : Alien. Potasinite has Species : Artic and right after them in Monster Dex is Polnorso. Polnorso's species is Alien. So in short, Potasinite and Polnorso's species are interchanged.

Picking up,
NEW FORMAT: Misspelled -> Correctly spelled

#265 Cacoon -> Cocoon
#270 Messanger -> Messenger
#297 Long Tounge -> Long Tongue

#348 Sumberging -> Submerging
#428 Enterance -> Entrance
#453 Slimey -> Slimy
#460 Weasle -> Weasel
#537 , #538 and #646 Volcaino -> Volcano
#550 Collectior -> Collector
#551 and #550 Theif -> Thief

Constantly dying yet never dead
Catchable = Catch-able or Catch able.
Good stuff.
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<3 <('.'<)<( '.' )>(>'.')> <3
volcarus species is still wrong i think
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Credits to SparrowHawk
Aren't the species for everyone : Monsters ?

New Breakthrough!
Constantly dying yet never dead
and what might that be
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Credits to SparrowHawk
Look at top post. Edited. our big error here is: Potasinite, Socilec and Caesidote all are Aliens. Socilec and Caesidote both have Alien as their species. The monster before them, Polnorso, has its species Alien, while Potasinite has species Artic (Which is misspelled). Potasinite is NOT Arctic so, Polnorso and Potasinite's species are interchanged.
I'm a future Sherlock Holmes huh?
Well I covered all monsters well CeFurkan check this out.
Constantly dying yet never dead
nice work rain.
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If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
BUMP calling out CeFurkan most still not fixed.
Constantly dying yet never dead
Why is this in the locked section? IDGI. It's not solved yet :/
Consider it double bumped.
Constantly dying yet never dead
Yappy is a word, so no error in that.

Meaning: to talk at length in an annoying or stupid way; jabber
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May the FORCE be with you!
wow, rock, you must of had a lot of time on ur hands 0.o

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