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Creating Our Metagame
Pokemon has Smogon. 'Nuff said.

To make PVP even easier of understanding for our game and since we do have competitive play, all of you expert pvpers should share your knowledge in an easy way. Either making your own notes, guides, and tips or you all get together and create our own Smogon. 

It can easily start here in our forum. Neat idea, yes?

Can we get a Monster Mascot?! Lel

I really recommend our most knowledgeable players to start this. I can't because I don't know much about Monsters. A Smogon-Like website for us would be great, especially for those that want to get back in the game but are struggling.
We have many natures, many abilities, many moves, and many monsters. So this project could probably take.. a long time? Many is an understatement btw.

If we do get a cabinet for this large project, another forum would have to be created to contain all of the meta game information. Yes?

With a formation like this, would we not gain more players? More players, more valuable pvpers, and a larger competitive play! Larger tournaments, more donators, and more smarty-pants lol. More more more!!!

The fact is, we have already started this!!
Lamb's Meta Game Guide

We just need to build it up!!

One Problem with this: The game keeps changing, monsters are being replaced. I dislike it because we lose good monsters but gain good ones. We should be keeping all of them and getting rid of the really poor quality.

We have many many guides on training. The goal here is to make our competitive game shine and expand. Create our own Smogon (obvious name-change) and everything will be different.

Monster Natures
Monster Abilities
Stat Calculator

Basically how this works. You know how in Smogon, you can search a pokemon and get different variations with different natures and move sets for a proper pvp pokemon?

Well it'll be the same thing here. Everyone can post a monster, either we make a thread for each monster and have everyone post their pvp monster and their strategy, or we can create a website, or throw some ideas out there please.

Also, either we make a website for it with a search function on monster containing each pvp variation, or have a search function here in our game named "Meta Game Strategies".

So all of those who PVP greatly can share their monsters as guides for other people to create almost the same thing for pvp.
OK MY best monster set:


            thx PRYSMA 2
  [Image: 7G5XCZU.jpg]
(2014-07-19, 01:59 PM)Santy Wrote: OK MY best monster set:



That's one way to start (: Thanks for contributing Santy.

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