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Chapter Three: A Rival Battle!
Ryan and Kris is still on the way Swift Peninsula for Ryan's first Arena Match.
"Alright! We still have to train here! I might lose to the Ancient Sage so we gotta keep training!" Ryan shouted at his Monsters while they were playing. "Ryan, stay calm. It's still a two-hour trip to the top of Swift Peninsula. And I'm sure we'll find many training areas on our way to the Arena."Kris said. A mysterious man wearing a scarf appeared. "Hey Ryan! You're still training? I pity you." Max said as he was walking towards Ryan and co.
"Max! so how's your training? Is everything going out well?"Ryan asked, hoping Max haven't got ahead of him.
"Are you kidding me?"*shows a shiny stone with an inscription on it*"My first Ancient Gem! I won't leak any clues about the battle. But I bet you will lose to the Ancient Sage!"Max arrogantly replied.
Floatorm notices a small Monster beside Max. It was a Larvitle.
Floatorm:"Float?" Floatorm comes close to Larvitle as it blasts a fiery Flame Spout.
Floatorm gets burned and ran away behind Ryan.
"Oh, before I forget, Let's have a battle Ryan! 2-on-2 how does that sound?"Max Asked.
"OK...I'm pretty sure you will win anyways." Ryan replied while readying his Monster Box.

"A 2-on-2 battle against Ryan and Max!"Kris exclaimed while holding two flags
"OK! Feathatch! Let's go!" Ryan Exclaims
"Alright then! A flyer must face a flyer too!" Max shouts as he throws a Monster Box.
A Delittle comes out of the Box and Prepares to battle.
"Feathatch! Do whatever you can!" Ryan shouts
*Feathatch flies straight into Delittle and uses Wing Slam*
"Wing Slam...a move for level 20. have a level 20 then, huh?"Max Exclaims while taunting at Ryan."Blast them with Gale!"
And the Little Bird Monster flaps its wings hard creating a powerful wind fume which knocks out Feathatch.
"Feathatch has been defeated! Delittle is the victor!" Kris says while holding up her left flag.
"OK! Floatorm! Do your best!" Ryan shouts as he points towards the field.
"Floatorm?" Ryan turns around to see it sleeping.
"Floatorm wake up!!!You need to battle!"Ryan shouts to Floatorm.
Floatorm bravely stands up in the field and boldly uses Super Peck.
Delittle is hurt and falls down to the ground. It flies back up and uses the wind currents to direct it straight to Floatorm.
"Super Peck, Delittle!"Max said.
A direct hit to Floatorm. Floatorm is enraged and starts to look angry. It shoots out bubbles from its mouth straight towards Delittle.
"Wow! You learned Bubble Ray!"Ryan happily said while rejoicing.
"Bubble Ray one more time!" Ryan shouts.
The bubbles burst on Delittle's face and caused it to get slowed and crash. It fell down and was knocked out.
"Delittle is unable to continue!Thus, Floatorm wins!"Kris says while raising the right flag.
Max smiles and points out to Floatorm. "You're strong. But not strong enough! Larvitle! Go!" Max Shouts and throws his Monster Box
"Floatorm. You have the type advantage. We will win!"Ryan happily said to Floatorm.
Floatorm, still having the fear of losing, prepares to battle.
"Larvitle, show them your moves! Mega Tackle!"Max shouts.
Larvitle charges straight towards Floatorm but Floatorm blasts a Water Spout attack on Larvitle, making it slow down and dealing only a few damage.
"Larvitle! Pick up the pace! Steel Slash!" Max proudly shouted.
"Floatorm, counter it with your Bubble Ray!" Ryan said.
The bubbles bursted on Larvitle but still continued and hit Floatorm directly. Floatorm quickly uses Water Spout and seriously damaging Larvitle.
"Larvitle!!!Mega Tackle!!Now!!!"Max angrily shouted.
Larvitle went straight towards Floatorm and this time hits Floatorm.
Floatorm was immediately knocked out but Larvitle took the Recoil and fainted as well.
"This match is hereby declared as a draw!"Kris said.
"Are you OK, Floatorm?"Ryan asks Floatorm and Floatorm nods gently
"Larvitle. Take a good rest. We'll beat them soon."

-After the battle

"So Max, What are your plans now?" Ryan asks Max
"So far, nothing. I will rest for a while and train a bit." Max replied while packing up preparing to venture off into the woods and train.
"Wait, Kris, is it alright if we will go with Max for a while?" Ryan asks Kris
"No problem. I still don't know what I will do so I will train with you guys for now until I figured out my ambition."Kris replied.

And so, the group goes deep into the woods and are preparing for Ryan's first Arena Match.

For the part when Max shows off his Ancient Gem, he won't leak anything since there really isn't any info yet on the Ancient Arenas
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