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Chapter 3 : Derek's Brother
Ever since Aero learned the news of The Undefeated Champion from the girl, he was really interested in the person. On his way down a path, he saw 2 boys running away from the direction he was headed in. "Excuse me!! Where are you running from?" Aero asked them. "We're running from The Undefeated Champion! He's super strong dude!! He just crushed my Badgearth and his Ironate." The boys told Aero. "So can you show me where this 'Champion' is?" Aero asked. The boys pointed North East from Aero's direction. "Thanks guys. I'll take care of him! I promise. He'll lose his winning streak. I haven't lost a battle yet myself!! Hehe" Aero started gloating.

The boys continued running to the Monster Center as Aero sent out his Fightengu. "Hey Fightengu, we're going to take a visit to the Undefeated Champion. You up for it?" Aero asked it. Fightengu nodded happily. "If you only you could speak.. It would be awesome yet weird." Aero wished.


"Terrarth use Earth Shaker now!!!" "Terrarrrthh!!!!!!!" The ground started shaking in the battle field which made the other trainer's Tyranone fall down. "Tyranone use Melt Down!!!" Tyranone poured hot lava over the battle field underneath Terrarth and gave it a burn. "Terrarth shake it off and use Super Beam at Tyranone!!!"

Aero walked into the the camp site which contained the Undefeated Champaion. As Aero walked inside, a Tyranone flew over him and into the outside with it's trainer running after it. Aero looked above into the battlefield amazed of the structure and battle damage. He saw a group of people to the right and one of them was Derek. It was roughly about 10-15 people and he sighed as he stepped into the back of the line.

"Who's next to battle me? None of you losers are strong enough to take on my monsters!!!" The champion yelled. "I will." Derek said smiling.
"...Brother. You come again even after the last time we battled?" "Apparently yes I do. This time, I won't lose to the likes of you. Your just trash." Derek told his brother. "Haha your funny kid. In our last battle, you couldn't even defeat my Nesspark with your Simoly. Your weak!!" Derek's brother yelled. "I got rid of that Simoly a while ago, loser. It's a loser, just like you and will always be one." Derek said still smiling.

"Hey!! Cut the chat and battle!! Your both losers!!" Someone from the crowed yelled. "QUIET YOU CHUMP!!! YOU CAN'T BEAT ANYONE!!" Derek and his brother screamed in unison.

Aero stepped up behind Derek and onto the battlefield. Aero then called out his Simoly into the battle. "This is his Simoly and now its mine. Your brother Derek is a horrible person. If your the same, then I'll have to take you both down. You won't be the undefeated champion ever again because you'll lose to me. I'm Aero and you better remember it!!!" Aero said angrily.

"Derek, who is this loser?" Kevin, the champion, asked Derek. "I lost to him out of sheer luck. That Simoly used to be mine but it was weak. I only lost because it wouldn't get up from an Iron Wing attack! Like really, it's a dragon!!! It shouldn't even lose to it!! Oh well, I got rid of it. Trash need to stay together anyway so Aero and Simoly are perfect for each other." Derek said to Kevin. "Hmm.. Okay. Guess we'll have to take him down together huh?" Kevin offered Derek. "Let's make it a double battle. We'll show the losers in the crowd what we can do." Derek said smirking.

"Fightengu come into the battlefield with Simoly!! It's a double battle so you 2 will have to work together!" Aero told them. Kevin then said "You only have a Fightengu and Simoly? Wow, you really are a loser!" "Before he got my Simoly, all he had was Fightengu. I couldn't stop laughing XD!" Derek said laughing.

Aero then turned around towards the door when he heard someone walking in. It was his childhood friend Tavi and his Gampha.
Very good chapter, anxious to see the next one. 9/10
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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nice job dei.looking forward to tavi getting some action
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
I'm reading these now and I am highly upset that my your and you're are not correct at all.

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