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Catching or Buying?
Just wanted to see what other people prefer when it comes to zenith and legendary monsters. Do you prefer to go out on your own, and hope you get lucky enough to find one and catch it, or do you save up your gold to go into the bazaar to buy that rare monster of your dreams?

When I first started playing I would save as much gold as I could and bought a couple of rarer, higher level monsters I liked. But as I played more and more I used them less and less and started trying to find my own zenith and legendaries. and now I'm pretty much obsessed with catching all of them myself Tongue There's a great sense of accomplishment that goes along with grinding to catch those awesome monsters yourself.
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I prefer going out my own and catching them, its more exciting to find and catch rare monster which you wanted, after hard time search, then going in bazaar and buying them
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either as long as the monster is good, but of course, it always feel better that you caught it on your own specially like this 1 https://www.monstermmorpg.com/SeeUserMon...ID=1309659
i search and catch my own but then if i cant find them i buy it lol
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I hunt for half a day and run when I finally found it. *kicks trash can*
See my legends/zeniths? Only 5 of those were caught by hand.
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I prefer catching more. I mean the bazaar sells for a high price .-. If i haven't spent in the bazaar, I would still have 8mil, enough to buy a fen >.< I mean, yeah, I've bought before, then I started hunting rather than buying.
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I almost always prefer to buy...let other people go through the hard work of finding the monsters...especially if I want one with a specific nature Tongue
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It realy depends Wink if you are lazy like this guy ^ you buy... but if you're not that lazy you go hunting yourself Tongue
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Not going to lie, I didn't expect to see so many people into buying their monsters from the bazaar haha. Interesting.
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Well its not just a matter of being lazy...its a matter of conserving time...and gold...I mean whats the point of going and hunting a wail fazuchi *just for example* when there is one already on the bazaar for 20k? You can use the time you would have spent hunting for the mon...to grind on higher lv'ed monsters or whatnot

~See I have reasons behind my laziness~

p.s. And if you cant find joy in locating that perfectly uv'ed monster thats on sale for a ridiculously low price...you need to go get in touch with your feminine side Tongue
p.p.s. I nearly jumped for joy when I found a trem lv60 glamvas full uv's for 100k...
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i like to catch my own, but i also buy a lot. cause if i see a good deal i will buy it. who wouldn't. but i think its easier to go and catch your own.
i bought a verve miro for 65k duh
and other good natures thats cheap
and didnt waste soo many time on buying
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I don't feel as though walking around trying to find a specific monster is a waste. You can grind exp for your monsters while you search. I do see the benefits of buying monsters (and like I said, I did it a few times early on). It just feels wrong to not do the work myself Tongue
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lol i train and get gold and monsters killing all i see
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I used to buy all of the cheapest ones and sell them at a higher price, I only really go hunting for legends for exp/money
I rather try my luck first in hunting them, but if my luck fails me, I'll go haunt the bazaar :p
I love having goosebumps when i encounter a Zenith/Legend/Ancient :-]
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(2012-09-18, 06:37 PM)Danny Wrote: I love having goosebumps when i encounter a Zenith/Legend/Ancient :-]
Dude, I know that feel. Sends a jolt up my spine and my heart skips a beat. Awesome feeling haha
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if i did either, i would hunt them. feels more accomplished that way
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im the type who catches Tongue i dont buy a monster unless i absolutely want it.
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whenever a legend or zenith appears.... i feel that the time is right.. i buy and catch equally .-. i just catch more than buying
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i got some few good experiences in the bazaar...
i got this for 1M from a noob donator https://www.monstermmorpg.com/SeeUserMon...ID=1604647
and this 1 for only 70K https://www.monstermmorpg.com/SeeUserMon...ID=1253556
iUsed to cath all of mine . But after the one day when iFound a ionile in 15 minutes and ran from it ilost faith in catching my own. So iUse gold for the win (:
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