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Building Rome in One Day [incomplete]
Building Rome in One Day
[Image: rome-built-in-a-day.jpg]

Obviously, Rome wasn't built in 1 day meaning that it was a very arduous task to ever be accomplished. That is what this contest is based off of. This will be the contradiction of the French proverb "Rome wasn't built in a day."

It's a race between users to see who can achieve a list of tasks in 1 day. The tasks here will be somewhat onerous. A challenge for everyone to try, a challenge that will continue throughout our stay in Monster MMORPG, maybe. Only the strongest and nerdiest can complete it.

[Image: graphic_challenge_green.png]

We will have a list of participants for each weekly challenge. Each day of the week, you have to re-register for the new challenge. Please be honest with the contest and yourself. Take responsibility. You will always have a chance to complete the challenge, of course.

Another challenge given : How long can you hold the position of the Rome Construction Champion?

Constantly fighting to be the champion, another fun task, hehe.

Tasks are still being thought of and I'm trying to add something here as well. Maybe a new set of tasks will be released each week.

As for rewards, I don't know. Help me think of them.
How many tasks will there be cause you wont be able to complet to many tasks in 1 day.

[Image: 10fdx8l.jpg]
(2013-01-24, 06:19 PM)monster power Wrote: How many tasks will there be cause you wont be able to complet to many tasks in 1 day.
We already have a Cpt. Obvious here in the community. That is not you ._.
What community the thread didn't mention anything about a community?

[Image: 10fdx8l.jpg]
lol the Monster MMORPG community!!!
Oh ok still not understanding what the community has got to do with this thread????

[Image: 10fdx8l.jpg]
Seriously, just stop asking. .-.

Anyways, updated with an introduction. Let's think of a better name for that Champion title lol.

I will label each contest by the date of the week started. They will be separated.

I want every weekly challenge to have a different reward. I'm not sure if there should be a reward anyway but it makes it even more fun to get it. The tasks won't be worldly difficult, as some of you may think. I will make them accomplishable but NOT EASY!!!! Definitely not easy.

It's a reflection off of the French proverb, which was already stated in the introduction. You should all know it and you should all realize how difficult these challenges can be. I'm not going to make them like "catch every single monster" ._. Of course not. That's impossible to be completed in 1 day. I know what kind of challenges to put there. I'm not sure on the amount to give but I'll make a reasonable amount as well.
Possibly 5-10, once again, I'm totally not sure.

Just remember that this contest is incomplete and I will definitely release it as completed and growing.

Users will be able to have a fair run Smile Except newbies of course lol. >.< Sorry newbies!!!!! At least the newbies get cookies and brownies.
Winner name- Master chuck chief norris .-.
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
I still have no ideas for rewards right now.
I might just give away some monsters that I don't want anymore, thus dropping my rank even more.

Umm... I might start this next Monday ( March, 17th, 2013 ) or Sunday ( March 16th, 2013 )
Since it will be the first week, there will probably be 5 tasks that can be achieved, kinda.

I am going to try and implement a countdown for hours. Since it will be weekly, it'll be over 100 hours obviously o.o

If you plan to do this, start on.. whenever I feel like starting it O.o

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