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Baykuns Heart Pt 2/2
Just waking up from a nice, long, pleasant sleep, Baykun yawned in the early morning. He stretched his arms up, cracking them in several spots, cracked his shoulder, and his back. Baykun was ready to go for the day! Virizion was already awake, looking out the window from Baykun's room. "What is it Virizion? Is something wrong" Baykun asked it. Virizion looked over its shoulder and shook it's head. It continued to look out the window towards the horizon. Baykun shrugged his shoulders and looked around for his silver pokeball. Once spotted, he picked it up and called out to Tornadus. Tornadus did not appear, however. Virizion walked over and sniffed the pokeball. It smiled, thinking that Tornadus flew away, abandoning Baykun. Baykun forcefully opened the pokeball and there was no sign of energy. He looked at his yesterday's pant's pocket and walked over, tossing the silver pokeball onto Virizion. Virizion watched as the pokeball rebounded into the air next to it and everything started to fade in a distorted manner.

"Must've been a defected ball, huh Virizion?" Baykun said. He reached into the pant's pocket and pulled out another silver ball. "Aha! This is where you were hiding Tornadus! Now, come on out. Time for a new day!!" Baykun smiled excitedly. Tornadus appeared and looked really tired. It glared at Baykun and disappeared into it's pokeball. "Aww.. Fine, go back to sleep. This will be the one time where I'll let you get off with what you want." Baykun sounded like a parent. Baykun turned towards Virizion for some acknowledgement but Virizion was gone. All that was left was the silver pokeball on the floor. Baykun picked up the ball before calling for Virizion. He decided to lightly toss the pokeball in mid-air. "Virizion, come out." Baykun said sternly. Virizion appeared out of the ball and posed in a proud manner, looking down. "You were caught, Virizion.. Wow. That was an empty silver ball and I accidentally caught you. That.. is... AMAZING!!!!!!!!" Baykun screamed, ecstatic on what the situation is. Virizion nodded and smiled, hiding its shame inside. Tornadus was laughing inside of its silver ball and it could be heard by Baykun and Virizion. Virizion glared at the silver ball containing Tornadus and growled. Tornadus kept laughing at Virizion's embarrassment. Virizion grabbed the pokeball and walked out of Baykun's room and towards the stairs. It dropped the pokeball down the stairs, watching it bounce all the way down and crash into the wall. Baykun returned Virizion and descended down the stairs to pick up Tornadus's pokeball and walk into the kitchen.

There he sat down in front of a plate of bacon and pancakes. "Mmm... Bacon!!" Baykun said before eating. "It's funny how you can say bacon when your name is Baykun." His mom said. "It's not my fault my name is this, now is it?" Baykun said. "Ugh, whatever. Make sure you feed your pokemon as well. It's rude not to eat with the rest of your family. After breakfast, I want you to brush your teeth and get dressed. I packed a traveling bag for you. Also, stop by Professor Juniper's place please. I believe she has something to give you." Baykun's mom informed.

Baykun finished breakfast and went to do what his mom said upstairs. Virizion and Tornadus were eating in the living room watching TV that they never seen before. Mom smiled at the 2 and went to clean the dishes.

1 hour later ~~~~

"Hello Baykun. How are you today?" Professor Juniper asked him. "I'm fine." Baykun replied. "Well, I do have a gift for you Baykun. The first one is a pokedex. It will record all the monsters you see, the battles you won, and even figure out what is special about the pokemon you have caught. The second gift, is a starting pokemon. Today is a special day for you. Our 3 choices are : The fire type Cyndaquil, the water type Oshawott, and the grass type Treecko. Choose 1 of them for your journey." Professor Juniper concluded her list of gifts happily. "Umm.. Prof. I already have 2 pokemon." Baykun said timidly. "Huh? You have 2 pokemon already? Well who are they?" Prof. Juniper asked wondering. Baykun threw his 2 pokeballs out and Tornadus and Virizion appeared. "See? They were my 2 pokemon." Baykun said nonchalantly. "W-wow.. I'm.. I'm surprised. You have 2 of the Unova legendary pokemon without getting a starter or anything." Professor faked her amazement. She already knew he had 2 of them. She was the one that caught Tornadus and gave it to Baykun. She was the one who gave him an empty silver pokeball.

I fell asleep, woke up, got ready for bet, and is falling asleep again. Bai Bai

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