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So I was working on some monster drawings, when I saw that Gaia had already claimed them in an old thread:

However, when I searched for Gaia on the forums, everything came up blank. It was like he didn't exist. His/her art page was also an invalid link. So now I'm confused. Is Gaia still actively drawing for this game? Should I keep going, or not?
Gaia stepped down and left. Unless you're officially doing redraws to be placed in the game (Which is.. really up to what cefurkan says) You don't have to worry about our little thread |'D
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Very awkward indeed. Gaia isn't here anymore, but I think garbagekeeper and henrie are gonna split up the list.
I think you should practice a bit more before attempting any of the monsters officially. Maybe start with your own designs.
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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just redraw whatever mon you like....if cefurkan likes it...he will contact you if he wants you to redraw monsters to go into the game Tongue
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wait, why did gaia step down? and why did she leave? Sad Sad Sad

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