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Re-Drawn Monsters Artist Claim
The purpose of this thread is to keep the three (maybe more in the future? idk) of us from doing the same monsters by accident. And for everyone else to see who is planning on doing what. You can list it in order of what you're doing or just what monsters you claim to do in general.

I guess you can either edit my post or post a comment if you want to add or subtract off of your list. (If you edit the post just don't mess with other people's list. Not that I think you will but...) Monsters will be deleted off when you complete them.

See Here For All Redone Monsters ->

(Update: April 22. Wow I haven't updated this in awhile. I need to do more. Change in game plans! Pretty much doing these in order of what I have on the list, which is based off of the highest leveled monsters in the game)
  • Vampite, Dracount (Someday. Bats are hard to pose man)
  • Potomope, Michanna, Channafray
  • Grole, Burrowl, Badgearth
  • Monon, Ryuuo, Hydragon
  • Biteeth, Tyranone
  • Feathatch, Wesand, Quailforna
  • Snaplant, Foraptor, Velocirest
  • Sealake, Sealice, Walacier
  • Predraco, Dragood, Dragur
  • Torkid, Ignibex, Rockoal
  • Shellith, Ceravel, Bouldon
  • Hippop, Hippocean, Hipponster
  • Catail, Tigreed, Willion
  • Trapit, Doodlion, Antleo
  • Mapup, Maperro, Helicanine
  • Barramor, Mortone
  • Piglaze, Torchog, Boarowisp
  • Embib, Cortoarch, Emperno
  • Sealloy, Waliron, Walrepel
  • Candolt, Candoom
  • Gilail, Repterror, Monsterror
Already Done: Monason, Coltide, Rainay, Horiver, Darex, Riblack, Tyranoir, Stegorch, Kentower, Solare, Ahuiver, Ahuizouth, Wasteal, Parasylze, Vladepes, Shocoil, Wattesla, Voltesla, Martiaya, Fightengu, Murkrypt, Cursnake, Lambus, Dracloud, Phanternal, Poltevil, Nufo, Monue, Chimernue, Dualit, Janusplit, Hydevil, Jekyllight, Wateel, Snakrait, Gardeel, Psychick, Symbird, Spirelic, Fuzzap, Plaspark, Teselectric, Servire, Prinsinge, Kingnite, Nukid, Cautant, Radiaution, Worca, Akhuluit, Chompup, Chomperro, Torchomp, Kelvice, Meteoid, Solord, Lunardian, Alaclipse, Alieian


(Updated by Henrie: October 7th, back from convention season and ready for more. ^.^)
  • Skutle, Slumbon, Corpoton
Already Done: Lots. Oh dear god, lots.

  • Poiild, Poidolec, Poiise
  • Tadart, Ornate
Already Done: [size=small]Flolz, Shariond, Dicaccio
, Polnorso, Padark, Pandrive, Pandamic
we need to get redone the starters as soon as possible since they are the first monsters that new players are seeing
Yes, CeFurkan is right. Starters are very important
^^Thanks for this signature to SparrowHawk^^
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Game Assistant-Turkish Forum Lead Moderator

miyavi going to do Flolz, Shariond , Dicaccio as next batch
Planning on starter monster basic stages this weekend. You know, all cute and that nonsense. x'D 'course anyone's welcome to ask for a certain line. Outside of Nekitten and Larvitle (because I've already got their final stages done) I'm not picky.

...Though I would like to take Scortorch. I see potential.
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miyavi also wants Padark, Pandrive, Pandamic list updated

list updated once again

miyavi : [*]Poiild, Poidolec, Poiise , Tadart, Ornate
great updates cant wait for more Big Grin
Updated the list, checked off completed monsters and added Geshi, Helmelt, Agapup, Julast, and Dextock lines. (Prize for my February tournament was having your team of red monsters drawn. But Noviary has been taken, so. x'D 5/6 isn't bad at all.)

I expect to edit this again soon with more completed.
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Oh, I can hand over Novairy/Satellairy if you'd like '^' since i'm kind of afk with drawing atm. (That and they are pretty far down on my list of things to do...)
(2012-03-24, 11:52 PM)garbagekeeper Wrote: Oh, I can hand over Novairy/Satellairy if you'd like '^' since i'm kind of afk with drawing atm. (That and they are pretty far down on my list of things to do...)

nice ! ^_^

what should be the new one to be redesign ? the npc or the monsters ?

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