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Um if you really are taking requests,can you make me a very cool Shockwave please? OuO (Shockwave from Transformers of course)
[Image: 2vkani9.jpg]
Small words FTW 8D
Sorry not really taking request. I'm still learning and I'm not that good at drawing..

Here another fun one

[Image: mrbird_zpsdfdb278a.jpg]
[Image: Memory.png]
dude,fix your grammar,that sentence is susposed to say "i am a total beast at drawing and my drawings look so pro"
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
I'll try to get some colour drawing up and going soon.

Here another fun one
[Image: sea_zps630440f5.jpg]
[Image: Memory.png]
that's amazing O:
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
You have Skill, I like your drawings
Just like to test out some colouring style. Don't really like this one tho

[Image: colour_zpsa9ecefa6.jpg]

I like this one.. Nice and simple..

[Image: plant_zps017b959f.jpg]
[Image: Memory.png]
Nice, I love it!!
[Image: GildartzSigfinished.png]
Be Blinded By My Prowess
(2012-12-27, 04:06 PM)SparrowHawk Wrote: These are attempts. First try on everything here. These are attempts o-o


These are not attempts.

^Not Attempts.
can i make a request?
Could you draw an evil-looking ninetails?

(2012-12-27, 08:54 PM)echosoul Wrote: Can never finish a work. Here another fun one..

[Image: flyervi.jpg]

Uploaded with
I love thisone, you should totally color this Smile
keep it up
[Image: 10ic592.jpg]
Fox can't be evil.

[Image: fox_zpsd3d98378.jpg]


Its Death Slime

[Image: DeathSlime_zps05dfac1e.jpg]

It look something like this..

[Image: skullslime.jpg]
[Image: Memory.png]
Only did the outline.. Will colour it tomorrow

They red background is for the main colour of the monster. It's easier for me to do this for light and shading colour.

[Image: kingslime_zps17fbf61c.jpg]
[Image: Memory.png]
nice keep it up
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]

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