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Yo, I like dark things O.o Doesn't make Emo or Goth.. I just like dark and evil things O.o Not like.. Satanic stuff. Well whatevs

I draw lots of things, don't complete much. My friends want me to be a personal tattoo designer, I took them up on that offer Cool

Wanna catch me? Click Here

[Image: Reaper.png] [Image: FlamingSkull.jpg]
[Image: Griffin.png] [Image: Zekrom.jpg]
[Image: Mewtwo.jpg] [Image: Luxray.jpg]
[Image: Kyogre.jpg] [Image: Blastoise.jpg]
[Image: Salamence.jpg] [Image: Venom.jpg]
[Image: Charizard.jpg]
me like O_O the Grim reaper looks awesome Big Grin that's some sweet talent bro! Big Grin
[Image: tumblr_m8mm02adYC1qgqflko1_500.gif]
I drew these 2 months ago O.o

me gusta kam Smile
You dare Challenge ME ?

the reeper looks cool
One day i'll hunt yu down for a tatoo. I want a turtle on my forhead with a grim reaper behind it ;w;
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

[Image: k29ed.jpg]
you must draw the monkey of death
[Image: image]
(2012-04-11, 04:39 AM)Ghost Wrote: One day i'll hunt yu down for a tatoo. I want a turtle on my forhead with a grim reaper behind it ;w;
That's interesting. A turtle, scared for its life with the almighty grim reaper behind it *_* I can see it now lol

(2012-04-11, 04:42 AM)Uncle Lung Fish Wrote: you must draw the monkey of death
Also interesting.

I have lots of drawings to show, I'll post em later.
good ones kamidara nice pictures i like the reaper
these are sooooooo cool
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
Ima a draw a hydreigon.
hydreigon, awesome
[Image: SamurottGSig.png]
Dont mess with the Samu or else you'll be left to rott in the Sanzu.
Credits go to SparrowHawk for the amazing sig.
nice blastoise, kyogre, and mewtwo
Special Attack COFFEE TABLE FLIP!!!- Lord death
I shall not be defeated by toilet paper-Death the kid
FOOLS!- Excalibur
Pumpkin Pump-Pumpkin- BLAIR!!!

I love anime 

Fairy tail
Soul Eater
Fullmetal Alchemist
I drew this a few months ago. When I was in school, ofc.

[Image: DragonDrawing.jpg]
Nice, i feel inspired!
i have some tattoos and i must say some of these are tattoo-worthy !

i especially like the grim reaper
[Image: 501b5ca62c27bjpg.png]

they are way cool, especially the grim reaper
I drew a dog Smile

He's made of rocks.
he goes woof.

It's a sketch, not a drawing. So you'll see a -lot- of lines Smile
And then, I'm drawing a humanoid kinda figure but I'll turn him into rocks too.
Nah, forget the rock man. It's time for a bug man and armor.. Wait... that's Scizor Sad
Aw... mines better pfft.
nice (:,if you want,i can outline it for ya (:,and let you do whatever in gimp :3
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
Might be kinda hard man.. You can try though Big Grin
hard? i love hard C: but pm me a link man ^_^ ill get started
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
I'm gonna post em here once my phone charges.

Doesn't take long for it to charge :/ It's a piece of crap anyway.

I drew a rock dog.. Not sure what to name it.. Terrawg.. Terramutt.. sumthin <.<

And then.. Batman in bug form Cool
sounds op O; me likey dogs, should draw a chinchila 0-0 don't believe we have one...heck man,if ya would like,you can draw,i can lineart,then you do whatever (:
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
Sounds like a cool plan but you need to start making your own concepts with.. whatever thingy your using lol.
xD sadly,i have artist block ): can't think of concepts :/
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
My phone's quality is so horrible.

[Image: BugBatman_zps060e8f88.jpg]
Bug Batman

[Image: RockDog_zpsebc02de0.jpg]
Rock Dog
wow SparrowHawk (: you have an amazing talent !
セイコー 時計 know7Cbecause2KrEfE

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