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2 ideas in one thread
Okay i have two ideas

1.How about random encounters from villains who steal your money if you lose, it would kind of be like our own team rocket and plasma; of course this could only be done when npc's are implemented in the game, but still it would give the game some uncertainty. i know there is going to be npc's everywhere but you could see them and go back to the MC before you battle them; with the random encounters you better be prepared for anything, if not you just may lose. Every encounter should be random and the player should not know when or if they will encounter some villains. And all random encounter villains should be near the same level or higher than the highest lv monster of that particular persons team.

2.I also suggest actual day and night times, what i mean by this is that during the day time the maps remain as they are, and at night the maps change(by change i mean they become night). by this happening that means someone would have to make another version of the current maps, but still it would help the player experience the game more. would also be a cool to have a feature to where certain monsters can only be found during night, like ghost monsters.

what are your thoughts on this? discuss

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its ok
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