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[Image: 1046-Dracolor.png]

Level Gain Rate:Fast
Class: Emissary

Types: Normal [Image: normal.png]    [Image: dragon.png]

Dracolor is good at early stages of the game, when he can 1 hit-kill almost every monster. Not recommended at later stages because of the lack of good moves.

Example moveset:

#Move 1

Aura Sphere (Level: 20) [Image: Light.png]
Category: Special
Base Power: 51
MP: 25
Accuracy: 90

*10 % to make enemy sleep. User recovers 10% of maximun HP. If the weather is cloudless recover 50%. If cloudy 25 %.

#Move 2
Blaze Rush (Level 35) [Image: Dragon.png]
Category: Physical
Base Power: 1
MP: 15
Accuracy: 70

*Deals 93 damage as long as the enemy is not inmune.

#Move 3

Fly [Image: Flying.png]
Category: Special
Base Power: 115
MP: 15
Accuracy: 80

#Move 4
Draco Flare (Level: 19) [Image: Dragon.png]
Category: Special
Base Power: 91
MP: 25
Accuracy: 76
I was such a big fan of my Dracolor that I ended up getting a full team of them. Then realized that I was getting creamed. So I got a better team after that. lol
Resident noob
You forgot the category in Aura Sphere , otherwise good thread for beginners Smile
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Fixed, and please make threads like this for begginers!!
hey legolas try suikid the wartermaleon mon

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