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10007 Giga-Razorach free giveaway
Big Grin 
Important: Top 3 person at the lucky draw Will get the rewards - previously it was top 1 only - you have to be my friend in order to get into lucky draw

Step 1 : like our facebook page :

Step 2 : add my facebook page as friend (mandatory to participate event) :

Step 3 : like event post :

Step 4 (optional) : if you want to get extra 10m in game gold reward in case if you win the lucky draw share post at your own page with public or your friends

Step 5 after reached targeted likes the lucky draw will be made upon all those who liked the post. All likes accepted until the time lucky draw made.

Step 6 : the draw will be made at this site and all participants names will be posted as image :

Step 7 : if you are the winner i will contact you via Facebook message and you will tell me your in game username and what nature you want

You can join this event only if your account has more than 50 friends - to make ensure not fake accounts

[Image: 10007-Giga-Razorach.png]
☣ ID: 10007 Giga-Razorach - Free Giveaway ☣ winners list

Please all people below add me as friend and pm me your in game username and what nature you want ty very much // "Kristine Novoa Mtz", // "Lê Duy", // "Abdelrahman Mohamed", // "คำมอส สุ้ยหมา", // "Mršić Aleksandra",

#winners #monstermmorpg #pokemonpets #event

Full likers list below link :

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