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1 hp leaving moves
(2013-05-02, 12:54 PM)staff vidyasagar Wrote: actually u still should worry u wouldn't make a mon have 1 hp in just 1 turn or so

LOL, that entirely depends on the monster your using to hunt with! My hunting team, with the exception of one monster, all allow me to catch LVL 70 wild monsters within 2 turns. First turn hit with move that leaves 1HP, second turn catch monster with monster box.

So what I've proposed regarding priority -1 moves is entirely feasible. The only moves it wouldn't work against are the 1000BP insta-death moves... but you can't do anything to prevent those, short of preventing the move from being able to be used in the first place.
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Great thread. Morbite's 29 hp move was my go to for the longest time. Found this thread and now catching Zeniths with a normal box + Caesidote.
(2012-07-04, 11:38 AM)Rock127 Wrote:
(2012-01-18, 12:03 PM)Rock127 Wrote: Careful Strikers:
Chichirp and evos
Terrake and evos
Antongue and evos
Puppin and evos
Swinpa and evos
Chirit and evos
Beelet and evos
Tribivine and evos
Leafluff and evos
Knitten and evos
Wotter and evos
Emoke and evos
Thiegg and evos
Venopal and evos
Metalaby and evos

thiegg only has equal rock but not a 1hp leaving move.
This page needs to be updated with the new legend names, since some of this and maybe other zenith on this list have been replaced in previous updates
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Hello guys, I am new here and I just want to ask. What is the purpose of leaving 1hp to the enemy? is that an instant full hp to 1hp move?
The purpose of those moves is, to not kill the enemy
no matter how often you use these "will not drop below 1hp" moves, the monster won't die, but instead keep 1hp.
that allows for easy catches with regular monster boxes
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Guys! this thread is out dated this 1 is the latest thread with the moves that will keep an opponent at 1 hp 
galliant's 1 hp move list totally recommend it
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