Poll: Should we make it easier for newer people, or put everything in, that helps everybody?
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Should we make it easier for newer people
put everything in, that helps everybody
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Hey guys. im in a debate right now, and (anonymous user) said that if you are far in the game, you wont care how long to wait for new levels/maps etc to come out. He said to make it easier for people that are newer, i said " well what about us that are far in the game, what do we do?' then He said that " im sure if they are already far in the game, they wont care" so if your far in the game, and you want to make the game easier for newer people, vote. and if your far in the game, and you want something for everyone, that makes the game "harder" so to speak, we were debating on whether or not to add higher monster levels to monsters mmorpg, i want it Smile. adding more maps/monsters/levels to the game will make it less boring, making it easier for newer people, will be, while us more experienced people will have to sit and wait on them.

Feel Free to comment, dont turn this into spam, Thank You.
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New Players Have More Than Enough time to catch up , hardly anybody is playing , and now a days you'll see more new players on the chat and stuff so i'd say make it harder.
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i agree with the anonymous user
haha told ya cope
i wouldn't make it harder per say, but i think something that would benefit both those who are new, and those who have played for awhile, would be better. its not that hard to start off anymore, especially if you post, and chat. make it for everyone.
Should we make it easier for newer people
I also have the opinion with anonymous user.
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