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monster power idea
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monster power idea
This thread is for monster power members only!

I know this is a small thread that i could post on the monster power thread but i wanted to make a poll that went with it
I have had a idea for the monster power but I wanted to see what the members think what do you guys say to haveing a pvp rank were every time you beat someone in pvp and it looks like you beat him/her in a fair pvp or un fair to you I will add some rank points on to you pvp rank.
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01-31-2013 03:52 AM
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RE: monster power idea
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
01-31-2013 05:25 AM
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