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Version 5.0.0
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Previous version update logs >

This update will be a progressive update. So check this thread frequently. The version number will not change for a while

=== 28 August 2019 ===

1: For years waited Tournament system has arrived with full features. Please read more about the system at this official thread >

2: Your ongoing battle will get deleted only if you do not login the game over 24 hours

3: You were able to set Ability 1 and Ability 2 to same ability at the same time and this is fixed

3.1: No duplicate abilities is allowed

4: Calculate Monster stats page has been improved. Now when you open a user's Monster in stats calculator, you do not need to click to calculate stats button. It will be auto calculated

5: Chat message post cool-down for Level 30 and above accounts reduced to 2 seconds from 5 seconds

5.1: If your account level is below 2, chat message sending cool-down is 180 seconds

5.2: If your account level is equal to 2 and lower than 30, chat message sending cool-down is 5 seconds

5.3: If your account level is equal to or above 30, chat message sending cool-down is 2 seconds

6: Now when you use Repel item via shortcut in game page, it will use the best Repel you have in your bag

6.1: So the Repel item usage order will be as follows : Ultimate Repel > Super Repel > Repel

7: The Monster level of daily Boss battles increased to maximum Monster level allowed in the game (currently level 130)

8: Now you can see daily boss beating rewards in daily boss history

8.1: Previously you were only seeing how much you have earned total

8.2: Now it will be displayed as how much reward gold you have earned from inflicted damage and how much reward gold you have earned from defeating it (if you have defeated)

9: You can see the maximum allowed level anytime from checking any Monster level gain speed table in MonsterDex (currently level 130)

10: Normally, only Monsters that are not catchable in any of the maps were starting in monster events (you can see events from events chat panel)

10.1: However, we have changed that rule

10.2: Now with %5 chance Ancients and with 10% chance Legendaries will also get started as events even if they are catchable in maps

11: Now when you open make a trade offer page, your Monsters will be ordered by its Id, so there won't be random sorting each time when you change page or make an offer

12: When you offer your Monster for trading and your offer got cancelled, your offered Monster place was remaining as "offered" instead of returning to "storage". This bug fixed and all existing remained as "offered" Monsters returned to "storage"

14: When computer determining which move to use, it was using self damaging moves even if the move's executing Monster were going to faint due to recoil damage (currently none of our moves has this effect)

14.1: This behavior is fixed
14.1.1: For example lest say that the move does 50% self damage
14.1.2: So if the computer controlled Monster's HP is lower than 60% (self damage ratio +10), it will pick another move instead

17: Annoying menu buttons vibration glitch when navigating between pages in the main menu is fixed

18: There were a bug that prevented some items not to be searched in manage items page

18.1: It is fixed and now you can filter by all item names

19: Custom given pet names were not correctly displayed when selecting Monster to use items on them in manage items page. This is fixed

20: Now when a Tournament PvP, ELO PvP or Guild War PvP battle against you is started, if you are online and the battle has not ended yet, you will hear an alert sound and your page will be automatically navigated to do PvP battles page

20.1: On PvP battles page you will be able to take control of these PvP battles ongoing against you if you are not automatically entered those battles

20.2: Moreover, if you are not automatically entered ELO PvP, Guild War PvP or Tournament PvP, you will get a private message that notifies you about ongoing PvP battle

21: Automatically entering live PvP battles can be set on or off from control panel >

22: Now when someone mentions you in the chat panel via using @username, you will hear an alert sound

22.1:  This alert can be set to on or off from control panel >

23: Now the Monsters you have captured in wild Monster battles, obtained via EGG hatching or got from reward shop will have first owner registered as you.

23.1: The first recorded owner will never change later

23.2: You can see first owner of Monster any time by checking their details page

23.3: The Monsters you have obtained before Version 5.0.0 will not have first owner and they will display N/A (Not Available) as first owner

24: Number of custom quick setup teams in set your Monsters team page has been increased 28 from 18 >

24.1: I plan to implement custom naming quick set teams

25: Now you can filter Monsters in MonsterDex by combination of multiple moves learning

25.1: Just separate the move names with ; (semicolon)

25.2: A semicolon should be automatically added to the end of the selected move when you select auto name suggestions which appear as you type letters

26: Some filterings in both market and set your Monsters team page were not persisting when you change pages. This bug fixed.

26.1: There can be still filterings which reset as you change pages. Please reply them to this thread

27: If you want to remove your custom given pet name, just type null or enter empty value

28: Allowed maximum number of Monsters you can have is increased to 10,000 from 6,000

29: Now daily boss battles will not be counted as NPC battle. Thus when you lose or win daily boss battle, your battle lose or win count will not change

30: Now computer will not choose self damage moves if that move is going to kill the move executing Monster

30.1: The move executing Monster must have extra at least 10% HP to choose self damaging move

30.2: For example if Monster has 55% HP and the move is doing 50% HP self damage, it will not be picked by the computer unless no other moves are available

30.3: However, if the move has 45% HP self damage, it can be chosen by the computer when the Monster has 55% HP left

31: Now in order to do an ELO match, you have to complete your awaiting revenge matches

31.1: You can either do revenge PvP matches or discard them

31.2: But if any revenge match is awaiting, you are not allowed anymore to do an ELO match

31.3: This new rule is added to prevent ELO revenge system abuse

32: Filter by letter in manage team page was not working correctly and it is fixed

33: Now on manage reward Monsters page, the current abilities of the Monsters will be displayed as well >

33.1: So it will be easier to change abilities for ability change unlocked Monsters

34: IP based country location system updated. If you see incorrect country on your profile please reply and let me know

35: An additional filter added to the MonsterDex Event page >

35.1: Now you can display only collected or not collected yet Monsters

36: Weekly event process system improved

36.1: Now equal score obtained players will get sorted by their top trainers rank

36.2: The better top trainers rank (lower is better) having player will get better rank

36:3 So lets say Player 1 collected 10 weekly event score and his top trainers rank is 19, meanwhile the Player 2 has collected also 10 weekly event score but his top trainers rank is 17. So the Player 2 will have better weekly event rank than Player 1

37: New label added to the sell Monsters at bazaar page

37.1: Now you can see how many of that particular Monsters you are selling

37.2: Also now you can sort Monsters by name in buy and sell Monsters at bazaar pages

38: Now after doing a daily boss battle, you will be automatically redirected to daily boss page

39: Now you can de-transform to most basic form account bound Monsters too

39.1: However, you will not get transformation gem items back such as Ultimate Gem if you de-transform Giga Monster

40: New filtering added to the manage Monsters page

40.1: Now you can filter Monsters by either you are the first owner of the Monster or not

41: In Monster Events chat channel, now Ancient class Monster events have orange color, Starter and Legendary class Monster events have red color

42: Tool-tip (they appear when you move over them) explanation of chat channels improvement

43: Top menu's shortcut items are updated. Now you can easily access all of our social networks

44: All existing trade offers are reset. Please make trade offers again

45: PvP Battles Board is improved >

45.1: Now it will display each battle type as following

45.1.1: Guild War Battle
45.1.2: Winner ELO Score (ELO Battle)
45.1.3: Tournament Battle
45.1.4: Live PvP (Free Battle)
45.1.5: Computer Controlled (Free Battle)

45.2: If a PvP battle get deleted automatically by the system such as unfinished Tournament battles in the maximum allowed time, or when player is offline more than 24 hours, they will not be posted on the PvP battles board

46: There was a bug which was causing some guild member counts to be not exactly same as their total number of members. This bug is fixed

46.1: Moreover due to this bug, you were allowed to apply other guilds meanwhile you are already in a guild. Now you have to leave your existing guild to apply other guilds

46.2: All pending guild applications are deleted. You have to re-apply again if you want to

47: Now you can change sorting order of your members in your guild page. Default is List by Guild Quest Damage Amount

47.1: List by Guild War Participating Order
47.2: List by Guild Quest Damage Amount

48: Now the forum supports HTTPS as well

48.1: All links in the game that redirects to forum are upgraded to HTTPS links from HTTP links

49: New sort by ranking options added to the top trainers ranking page >

49.1: Sort players by

49.1.1: Official Tournaments Points
49.1.2: Official Tournament Win Count
49.1.3: Official Tournament Battle Count
49.1.4: Official Tournament Battle Win Count
49.1.5: Tournaments Coins Count

=== 30 August 2019 ===

50: Gameplay shortcuts are updated >

=== 4 September 2019 ===

51: Now you can sell more than 1 Monster to the NPC at once

51.1: In order to sell multiple Monsters at once, check the checkboxes on the right of the Monsters in Set Your Monster Team page >

51.2: After checking the Monsters, click the multi sell button at the very bottom

51.3: Make sure that you have filtered and listed only Monsters you want to sell to the NPC


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=== 30 August 2019 ===

50.0: Gameplay shortcuts are updated >
=== 4 September 2019 ===

51: Now you can sell more than 1 Monster to the NPC at once

51.1: In order to sell multiple Monsters at once, check the checkboxes on the right of the Monsters in Set Your Monster Team page >

51.2: After checking the Monsters, click the multi sell button at the very bottom

51.3: Make sure that you have filtered and listed only Monsters you want to sell to the NPC

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