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The Lovely Ability ''Expert Defender''
Hey all , just wanna make a short thread about this Ability.

I was thinking about it , then i got the Idea to change 
The Monsters with 4x Weakness' Movepool so
 just they can get the Ability ''Expert Defender''.
So for example Aurorile , 
the Dragon/Ice Mon , wont be able to get the Ability 
Expert Defender in wild Battles or anytime.
But The Mon Augurix , Flying / Water type is 4x Weak against Electricity , can get the Ability in wild battles or anytime.
What do YOU think ?

I would be glad to hear your opinions on this :3
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Think it has no use.. Randomness in abilities makes it challenging.
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Okay then , just thought it would be nice Smile Nevermind this Thread , i will keep it open though cause i wanna see the others opinions.
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It depends on typing and other abilities.  If a monster has a lot of 4x weaknesses with camouflage it's actually pretty good.
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It bothers me every time I get Expert Defender on a monster that can't even make use of such a useless ability to begin with.

I agree that only monsters with 4x weakness should be able to get it, specially since they're the only ones that can use it.
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I agree with that, having 1 ability you cant use is very annoying, specially in ancients/legendaries
It would be more useful than now.

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