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! Some Item Ideas !
Hey all , i had some held item ideas in the last days :

What about adding:

- Specific(Maybe other Name lol) Claw , equal to Razor Claw just 30% Special Moves and -20% Physical Moves change

-Change the Element (Fire , Ice , Dragon etc.) Crystals , which are changing the base power of all moves by 15 %, not only the specific type (Its with Orbs too )

- Change the Weapons like Burning Weapon , Sleeping Weapon etc. to Special and Physical damage

-Some higher Exp. , Money and TP Points-Items like Triple TP or Triple Money and Double Experience Armor (100%) 

-And change the Educational Armor (Would be higher Price then)
to Sharing the exp. , but when the Monster which holds the Edu Armor get a 50% Exp. Bonus

-Adding a Main Item called ,,Teleporter'' which teleports you out of a cave 

You can comment on what you think of these (: 
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I think there should be an expensive item which doubles the chance of finding ancients.............
1. Yes,i love that idea
2. don't we already have items like that?
4. CeFurkan is going to add that already (:
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Specific weapon  is to op for special attackers cuz they wont be afflicted by the atk decrease
(2013-05-12, 12:00 PM)Arlaxeon Wrote: Specific weapon  is to op for special attackers cuz they wont be afflicted by the atk decrease

Apparently you haven't seen the Razor Claw, attach that puppy to a Grimarrow and- *whistles*

Anywho; I love the first idea, definitely needs to happen.

The second one seems cheap, and would defeat the purpose of the other crystals.

Third, I'm going to have to agree on. There seems to be a lot of physical biased items in the shop. The statuses could at least be divided amongst the two. :/

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- Specific Claw | Not bad

- Element Crystals | No fan, kinda in the game already

- Special and Physical damage | Might be OP, think it would have a bad impact on the game

-And change the Educational Armor | Never used it, so can't talk about it, so.. Could be good, maybe elaborate it more in like an example
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Capt , i meant with the Crystals to CHANGE them, not add them . It was meant to Higher 15 % Of all moves when the Mon is the Specific Type , not only the specific Moves. I dont like this at now.
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I would like a new Accuracy hold item, to balance the negative effect of the abilities Berserk and Cautious, should be like 30% or a bit higher and should cost 100mil gold. Very good ideas though Crobby. I have to agree on an item to get you out of caves, cause it sucks when your monster run out of attack move MPs and you have to get out :/
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I love the ideas for some of these!
yes we should add more items
They're nice.

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