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Introduction and Farewells
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Introduction and Farewells
We now have a section for it. If you do not use this section, there are definite consequences.

Holidays, Birthdays, and Personal Events are by themselves. Personal Events are to hold farewells and if you want, you can leave a reason why you are leaving.

Keep Personal Events PG 13 please. Forum rules apply. We apologize for whatever happened but we wish you good luck Smile

Do not spam here please. Do not go off-topic. Once the person leaves, we will lock the thread or leave it open.

Also, only make threads if you are leaving for longer than 3 days.


1. Don't post multiple introductions, or farewells.
2. Treat others with respect
3. Flaming threads will not be tolerated.
4. Don't make "Should I quit?" threads. It's up to you, and only you to stay, or leave.
5. If you happen to quit, don't make a new introduction 2 days later stating that you aren't quitting.
6. Spamming is not tolerated

Thank you for understanding,
MonsterMMORPG Staff Team
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