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If You Were To Re-make A Show...
If you were able to re-make any show you want, what show would it be and how would you do it?

I'd re-make Power Rangers lol

Epic fight scenes, better fighting styles, better outfits, and they would probably have real animal partners <.<

Even though I would be using real people, it would almost be anime like. <_< Kung Fu Style.
Or.. Just make a new anime and replace the crappy power rangers we have now '-'

I would remake all the new shows on Cartoon Network (minus Adventure Time) and actually make them funny and not crappy.
(2012-01-22, 11:35 PM)Nightcore Wrote: I would remake all the new shows on Cartoon Network (minus Adventure Time) and actually make them funny and not crappy.
Adventure Time and Regular Show are at least decent. Well, also Friday night. Generator Rex, Star Wars are decent as well.

Cartoon Network promised so many new shows but never released them. All the new shows (except the ones listed ^) like Gumball and.. Naked Animals are completely baka.

Not re-made, need to be deleted.
Regular Show is good, i just didn't remember it.I dislike generator Rex because the power this kid has is like...retarded. The plot for the show is ok but meh... (sorry for my language I just left that way) Gumball is weird like it tries to be like the older shows but it fails. I never really heard of Friday Night so...Star wars is good. I kinda agree that these shows need to die but I would remake them as the thread called for.
Lol by Friday night, I meant the actual day XD

So, how would you re-make these shows?

I'm not sure, maybe by taking out the crappy forced kiddy jokes and putting in real jokes that people would like.
One flaw in your plan, you cannot please everyone or reach everyone's sense of humor.

That will be one never-to-be-accomplished thing Tongue A task beyond the extreme level of difficulty.

But, it's fairly easy to find someone that has the same sense of humor and you will be able to find a lot of people through ratings Big Grin

What kind of jokes are you wanting to implement?
Id remake Pokemon.... id basically stop making new pokemon and continue the story with what it has ._.
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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