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first update happened 6 minutes before and 2 times

second thing is whenever update happended when i check top trainers list it shows my gold is 21,444k but i have 21,536k in account

and it is not that i transfer at that time it has been transferred early
kun its like this update officially starts at 4:00am game time so you must do everything before then it updates everything between then and 4:15am after that it compares the points and gives the ranks
[Image: ZekromSig.png]

Credits to SparrowHawk
i have done before 4

i put a low lvl mosnter on trade from kunwarkharbanda1 and then i offer 12 lvl 100s and 92k from the other account

then i accepted trade offer

after i accepted trade offer there was no update

and later my mosnters went from 82 to 94 but not the gold

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