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[untitled] Chapter: 3 ~ The Search
( Side note: Yes im continuing the story from were it left off due to bordom and my ps3 being taken away -.-)

** Zero has been looking for volshii for about an hour **

- " Volshii!" Zero screamed, as he ran across town.
Plotevil and weegon searched all around the town, looking for any clues as to where volshii could have gone, they felt their efforts where useless and went back to Zero to check on him. By the time they met with Zero they saw him on the field towards the forest. Plotevil and weegon rushd towards Zero to stop him. With plotevil rushing ahead he pushed Zero away.

- " I know that the Icy Forest is dangerous...But if theirs even a chance that volshii is in there i have to go to him!" He said looking at the White trees.

Weegon finally caught up, and once he did he kept a certain distance away from the forest. Plotevil, Weegon, and Volshii both came from this forest, but the rule that the wild monsters set with each other is that once a monster from the forest is caught by a trainer its not allowed back. If Volshii were to enter the forest, it would be in deep trouble. The people at the town knew this rule the wild monsters set so they avoided catching monsters from the area at all times, only Zeros dad was able to go through the forest and make it back out without a scratch. Zero thought for a moment, shoved plotevil out of the way, and rushed inside. Weegon and Plotevil tried to chase after him but were instantly stopped by a mob of Shacaria.

Zero kept running forward, the eyes of the monsters in the forest stared at him. Fearing for his life he stopped wanting to turn back, but in front of his face stood Volshii.

- " Volshii!" Zero said with a smile. "your here! Just stop all of this and lets go back to town." He pleaded.

Volshii just stood at Zero back hunched eyes half open, scars were all over his back and face. His eyes looked darker than before, and in less than a second his eye spread open and he gave off a ghostly howl. Fadeing into the air he was gone, Zero felt a cold shiver and as he turned volshii appeared again, eyes wide mouth dripping. He grabbed Zero and carried him deeper into the forest, struggling with all this might Zero tried to break free but Volshiis icy fingers were already digging into his spines. Volshii traveld so fast that Zero could hardly breath, it took a few seconds to realise where he was, Zero found himself near an abandoned house on top of Mount Frostay. From the distance he saw the tiny town miles and miles away, Dropping zero Volshii went into the house. Debateing to himself weather to go in or not Zero finally built the confidence to walk in, the room was dark and dusty. It wasn't that large, takeing the first few steps, he was instantly startled from the howls of what seemed like volshii comeing from the next room. Entering the room a warm light blinded him for a second, opening his eyes he couldn't belive his eyes Volshii next was standing next to the REAL leader of the ghost arena, Zeros dad.

Part 4 coming really soon.
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
Too many grammar mistakes, unneeded words, and you lost me in most of it.

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