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trainer Larry: rival extrodinare
our hero Diana was gleefully on the road to the first gym when she ran into her first trainer! "hmm? a new trainer huh?" the trainer asked himself. "Hey! I'm Diana wanna train with me?" Diana would quickly learn one does not simply ask this question without problems. "you seem a bit dim lighted for a trainer let me light up your mind!" the trainer said in a mean spirited way. the trainer sent out sunmon and of course being the only team member she had Diana sent out moonmon. the two battled for about five minutes and Diana won but just barely. "Drats! can't believe i lost... oh well I'll just crush you next time!" the trainer left with only one thing left to say. "I'll show the world that trainer Larry is the trainer to become the new champion of this world only i have what it takes to be the greatest!" Diana just watched as Larry said this as he walked away. "well that was weird. i guess he wasn't a nice trainer like the ones i heard about...." Diana simply sighed and moved on. Diana found her way to Sunbright city and the gym was in her sights! "all right i am ready!" she entered the gym but found that there was two people talking to the leader. "stick to the plan OK Apollo?" one of the mysterious trainers asked. "I will do what I must..." Apollo said in a serious tone and with that the two left not even acknowledging that Diana was there. "so you came huh?" Apollo asked in an almost evil like tone. "well your going to have to go through the gym trainers... White! Eggshell! come here!" with that two trainers showed up. "yes sir!" they both said saluting him. "fight this trainer and test her power..." Apollo said to his gym trainers. after a ten minute fight with both trainers Diana was now against the leader. "so now its you and me miss." Apollo seemed a bit surprised by Diana's victories. "But now you will see the light!" and with that Apollo and Diana battled after all seemed lost Diana's moonmon evolved into lunamon and won the battle quite handily. "You won... here the Sunbright badge!" Apollo seemed to be happy to have lost and Diana was happy to have her first badge of many. She left happily traveling twords the next gym at Fangtooth city!

[end part 3 of chapter 1]
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

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