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the walk to purple plains?
so the mineral golems and I ended up searching for this purple flower which for whatever reason the golems knew exactly where to find one. I decided to write this while the golems rested so while i have the chance i will let those who are reading this know what we are or use to be! we, me and those who i call family here on this floating island in the sky, are or were known as mimiga's. A mimiga is considered to be a rabbit or bunny, depending who you ask, with human qualities (i.e. wear clothes, have farms/buildings, raise a few animals, walk on two feet, ect.) other then that we are bunnies/rabbits. our guardian, named quote, beat the horrible man known as doctor long ago. i rather not get too into that but we, the golems and me, ended up at a place they call purple plains and i could tell why what with everything being purple (even the walls and the light coming in the place). the golems decided to stock up on 50 pounds of the flowers (makes me wonder why i got stuck with them to be honest) and we walked all the way back, actually the golems carried me back and were a lot nicer then they look. i wonder what is really going on but i was sent to a room in the castle the purple lady built special for me and i was left to ponder...was i part of some plan? i chose to play along..for now...

[part 2 end]
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

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