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the islands ultimate evil! revived!
(just letting you know now ballos is a character from cave story for realz here i am not plugging my name)

I was pleasantly surprised to hear from an old friend today but i don't remember him at all; he says that I and Ballos go way back! he seems nice but all the mimigas seem deadly frightened of him... oh well! I will enjoy his company never the less and enjoy his strangely colored flowers as well! i also heard that an old friend of ballos' will soon show up i think he calls him quote? well i do enjoy company since no one wants to visit me period and i was told that if things go wrong to call the golems to protect the purple and red flowers; but why those flowers anyways? oh i know i shall make a feast for them to enjoy! i shall get started to night and by I... I mean my mineral golems of course! but one thing i must say...why does the name quote...seem so fimilar? just...why??

[end part 5]
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

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