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the fool becomes the master
{and now for the story this part is simply introducing important characters like the hero and the villans and yes this is slightly based on a pokemon like story but this one uses all three kinds of mons i know: pokemon, digimon, and monsters from this game} *not going to use every single one of the mons from these but i will note a verity of them*

"it has been an unknown amount of time since the day that machine was activated but i now know that mad man was right...." as crow spoke this story to a small collection of children, two men walk into the library. "story time is done children go home and tend to your pets." one of the men said in a firm yet calm tone. the children left and the now old crow looked at the men. "did he send you?" crow seemed to know these men as he asked. "yes he did and he wants you to go bye-bye." the other man said to him almost in a strangely unserious tone. the two men then grabbed crow and took him away to complete their business...

meanwhile at the town called funosa (pronounced fun-osah):

"I cannot wait to finally become a trainer!" everyone knew this kid but most usually call her diana (after her favorite monster) "I am so thankful that K. lamity, the number one authority to speak to about the monsters he brought to life, convinced the lab in my town to give me a starter!" diana was ecstatic, almost too much but this was understandable for a new trainer. "the world out there is full of digimon, pokemon, and other monsters! look out final five I'm coming to beat you! and all of your different region forms!" she left the house in a hurry taking all the usual gear with her. little did she know the adventure she would end up having...

while our hero is busy getting her starter trouble was boiling:

"jenny! john! get your tails in here!" the familiar voice rang out. "we're here boss!" john rang back the instant he was there. "and we are ready to cause trouble!" jenny said right after john. "good there is a new trainer coming up and i want to make sure our plan is still safe. i have this entire planet eating out of the palm of my hands, i the fool have become the master! and i won't let any trainer spoil my plan on ruling this planet with an iron grip!" the evil minded creep spoke. "we're on it k. lamity!" both john and jenny spoke simultaneously. "then leave and make sure she doesn't ruin this for me fools!" k. lamity yelled.
both of them left in a hurry while k. lamity looked at his empire of evil minions. "curse my kind hearten ways should of left well enough alone but making her happy did make me feel better... never the less i will take her down if need be and then no one will beat TEAM CHAOS! hehehehehehe! k. lamity laughed slowly going crazy not knowing the future ahead...

[end part 1 of chapter 1]
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

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