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Hi, I'm new here. I was wondering if you could draw out some Pokemon I created. There's some made up stuff in it but I hope it's all right.
The Moon Ray Pokemon


Abilities: Clear Body, Forewarn, Magic Bounce.

Pokedex Entry- It eats moonlight like candy and enjoys looking at the stars. It hopes that one day it will be able to float away into the ocean known as space and venture, living its life among the stars.

Base Stats-

HP: 85

Attack: 25

Defense: 60

Special Attack: 90

Special Defense: 65

Speed: 70

Moves from Growth (Name of move/Level)-

Tackle/2, Leer/2, Play Nice/4, Lick/7, Psyshock/12, Signal Beam/15, Shadow Punch/20, Hidden Power/22, Hex/28, Psywave/32, Psychic/48, Nasty Plot/50, Shadow Ball/59, Thunder/64.



The Solar Ray Pokemon


Abilities: Clear Body, Competitive, Magic Bounce.

Pokedex Entry- It has long forgotten its dream because it knows now that it is unable to survive in such an environment. But its will to find another dream made it stronger and one day, it will live out that dream someone close.

Base Stats-

HP: 100

Attack: 30

Defense: 75

Special Attack: 115

Special Defense: 80

Speed: 90

Moves from Growth (Name of move/Level)-

Tackle/4, Leer/4, Play Nice/8, Lick/10, Psyshock/15, Signal Beam/18, Shadow Punch/26, Hidden Power/29, Hex/34, Psywave/37, Psychic/51, Nasty Plot/54, Shadow Ball/60, Thunder/68.



The Universal Pokemon

Male and Female Tsukitᾱyo have different appearences.


Abilities: Sun Rise (Male), Sun Set (Female).

Pokedex Entry- Finding it’s true self, it has completed the task of finding the dream, its own very personal dream and it will do anything to follow that dream.

HP: 110

Attack: 40

Defense: 90

Special Attack: 135

Special Defense: 95

Speed: 100

Moves (Can only be learned by remembering) (Name of move/Level)-

Tackle/1, Leer/1, Play Nice/1, Lick/1, Psyshock/1, Signal Beam/1, Shadow Punch/1, Hidden Power/1, Hex/1, Psywave/1, Psychic/1, Nasty Plot/1, Shadow Ball/1, Thunder/1, Trickling Sunlight/1, Midnight Moonrays/1.
I think I might change the names.

Odzuki - Lunade
Asahi - Solona
Tsukitayo - Solvistaluna
These might be even more stupid than the first name but at least it sound sort of pokemon ish.
sure if you draw high quality we can add

you can contact me via


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