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should music be censored?
it's pseudo mostly on topic. catch you on the flip side
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(2012-10-25, 08:08 PM)SparrowHawk Wrote: Sorry orb but the new generation of children has changed. These are 2k kids now (2k = year 2000 i guess..) and they grow up with foul language and other stuff that they shouldn't be doing. They don't grow up like the 90s kids, with good stuff on tv :/

This is what I see and apparently, it's what a lot of other people see around this country.

It's a shame really.

Popeye the sailor man & tom and jerry wants to talk to you ^_^

Well, actually those words aren't even bad at all..
Female dog
Reproduction (er.. That's not the real term, but every child should know this at about 13 yrs. Old)

Does the 3 words on top look harmful @-@ (well,2k gen. They put no malice in using this in a daily convo)
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They can go jump in an ocean to save me the trouble.

The stuff that's on tv right now completely sucks :/ These kids grew up with more of MTV (Jersey Shore) and other stupid stuff. Cartoon Network died years ago. <.<

I'm going off topic but.. Without this, kids will go towards the inappropriate stuff such as swearing and stuff that's found in today's music. Youtube, some websites, there are lots of factors into it as well.
2 words for what dei said : peer pressure
Actually, most of the children watch cartoons, unfortunately there is surely 1 person who would start an ego about newest music and all that. "Bad Influence"

Blame it to peer pressure
Monster MMORPG's first Kpop fan!
Back after more than 12 months of vacation. 
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Ehhhh, music censorship on the radio is mostly a preference thing. I think they should have separate stations for uncensored music. Why not have both?
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Being against censorship is all well and good when railing against an artist's work being trampled, but if public dissemination of those works would cause unnecessary harm to certain large groups of society then it is understandable they would be censored in either audience age level or material.  Just because an artwork is made, it does not necessarily have the right to be displayed / broadcast to all and sundry.

I do NOT however agree with changing an artist's work to make it more palatable to a wider audience, it should stand as created and if people are potentially going to be offended by it then access to the material may need to be controlled rather than the material itself.
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thank you.
This is also what I look for in today's mobile music and ringtones

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