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well here it is a new clan the other clans i was in didn't work for example kohana was banned because leader eramyst sold mons the another clan let me join but they never added me so here's my clan

shadow zenith 

the name just sounded cool the only rules are

1 be active for a certain amount of time

2 really no begging we will all share our mons i guess

3 no swearing or cheating

4 anyone can join

so yeah that is my rules 

the ranks are in order

founder of clan - obviously me shadowananime

leader any one who i can trust and has to be active a lot because i'm only on the weekdays and they have to be good and until then i'm the leader 

co leader someone who helps the leader just like the leader someone i can trust 

thread designer some who is willing to design the thread and if they want create a sight 

moderator some who can decide what the others what to do like censoring and can help kick off  people who dont abide by the rules

and last the event leaders someone who can help make events for the clan

game ranks 

ancient master some one who has 3 ancients 

legendary master someone who has 3 legendary or 1 ancient

zenith master someone who has 3 zeniths or 1 legendary

clan hero someone who has one ancient and a team of lvl 100s

clan knight someone who has 1 legendary and at least one lvl 100

top 500  you have to be in rank 500 or lower

top 100 you have to rank one hundred or lower

so yeah that's my clan hope you guys enjoy

New members are joshan2003 and Rigol Gamergirl212
There are many spelling errors, and not enough visuals. Try to create some sort of back story, any you can think of and definitely make a banner. Other than that, good luck with your guild Smile
[Image: 11jozyq.jpg]
(2014-02-26, 03:22 PM)shadowananime Wrote: thread desinger some who is willing to desgin the thread and if they want create a sight 

Does that mean that this thread is going to be abandoned when you get someone to make a better one?

Good luck anyway
My first ancient
[Image: daa154e0-1b59-4c7d-ae84-372078000ab3.png]
Al haber gatos no hay ratones
no  it is not someone will post baanners and stuff because im not that good at that right now i just need someone to just desgin the page so this thread will became better
ok here to my new clan recruit Joshan2003 congrats on joining my clan
and now we have two  members Rigol congrats we also just added Gammergirl212

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