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Diana reached the next town by that night. she saw that no one was around yet not far from her she heard something or rather some people.
"we got her now these puppies should get her to stop!" jenny spoke aloud. "Shh we have to keep quiet if we want to keep Korrupt's plan a secret" john whispered to jenny. Diana stunned them by showing up just as they finished the trap "you two are being a pain" and upon those word Diana spooked the monsters waking them up and causing them to fling john and jenny far into the distance. "looks like we aren't getting a break huh?" john spoke as the two flew "well at least we're keeping our promise" jenny followed up "team Chaos is blasting off!" the two yelled as they disappeared in the sky. Diana was left to deal with six stonsters and one monitude; thankfully her grass mon was able to clear them out quickly. Diana was thanked by the elder of the city and welcomed her to seasalt shores and also gave her a fishing rod. Diana decided to fish for at least one monster and train it before the odd ground gym that is in the city she soon caught herself an oshawott she trained until she had to sleep, around 9 o'clock p.m. meanwhile back at Korrupt's tower...

"you lost to her with your weakest team??!!" Korrupt was not happy. "do not worry sir she is not strong enough to beat my strongest team" Graphite defendedly spoke "you better be right Graphite or your next lost will spell a part of my ultimate doom and the ruin of my empire! now go and stop her i don't care that your the weakest just stop her!" korrrupt yelled. Graphite left and korrupt steamed only to call a mysterious friend of his "oh B.W! i have a small favor to ask!~" korrupt said in a evil like tone. "yes sire! how can i help you sire? the mysterious B.W. asked. "go and stop this girl and if not then tell me what i am dealing with so i can prepare myself ok?" korrupt asked "yes sire will do and with that... SHAZAM!" B.W. vanished as soon as the last word he spoke was done but what will happen now that the mysterious trainer is on Diana's trail? we will find out next part...
[end part 7 of chapter 1]
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

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Your stories are pretty good Smile

+1 fan :3
This was well written imo
btw if anyone questions the region size for this chapter (you know who you are) don't worry the regions get bigger after this chapter (one region per chapter ending with the elemental seal) i tell you nothing more so i don't give stuff away

also get use to the inconsistent updates they happen (e.g. i get bored, don't feel like it, don't always have time, ect.)

(2013-05-20, 11:07 AM)Arlaxeon Wrote: Your stories are pretty good Smile

+1 fan :3
thnx <3 i may not be perfect but i try also is their a story you would like to see from me someday?
I would like to try different stories but all my stories come from stuff i myself have experience with (last story was cave story, this story based on pokemon, digimon, and the monster game this forum comes with).
also if it's not too much to ask if you do have a suggestion try to pm me cause i most likely will miss it otherwise. i will do my best but expect my own take on the story you give me (then there's stuff i won't write but that i wouldn't expect anyone to ask for those)

(2013-05-20, 11:19 PM)Dr.X Wrote: This was well written imo

seriously with my autism i will make mistakes (i tend to leave certain events out at times or i would jump around timelines (examples are: my failed attempt at an ocarina of time story and the last story i did where i skipped to a certain point and put a note saying how long it's been since the last diary entry (yes my cave story fanfict [aka the previous story before this one] was based on a diary style story)

but thnx
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

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